Why Harbour Bridge in Sydney is Australia’s Hot Tourist Destination?

Why Sydney Harbour Bridge is Australia’s Hot Tourist Destination? | CIO Women Magazine

When you talk about Sydney’s iconic landmarks, the probability of Sydney Harbour Bridge not being on that list is close to none. While “The Coathanger,” as nicknamed by the locals is visually beautiful, it also functions as a help for cars, trains, bikes, and pedestrians to pass through. So let’s take a look at what makes Sydney Harbour Bridge such a memorable landmark.

How the Bridge was constructed?

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a steel-arch bridge that is located in Australia and crosses Sydney Harbour (also known as Port Jackson). The bridge, which had its inaugural opening ceremony in 1932, is now used as the primary connector for public transportation between Sydney and its northern suburbs. Because it has a span of around 500 meters (1,650 feet), it is considered to be one of the longest steel-arch bridges in the world. Along its length, it is equipped with two pedestrian walkways, a highway, and four separate railway lines.

In 1924, Bradfield was in charge of overseeing the beginning of the project. Because of the depth of Sydney Harbour’s waters, it was impossible to employ temporary supports, therefore the steel arch was constructed from either side of the harbour. The two sides finally converged in the middle in the year 1930, and a grand ceremony was held to celebrate the bridge’s official opening on March 19, 1932.

An Expensive Engineering Feat

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was designated as having exceptional national historic value by the Australian Heritage Council. Its building was a significant event in Australian history. Its inauguration in 1932 was essential in the building of contemporary Sydney and served as a focal point for national optimism throughout the Great Depression. The Sydney Harbour Bridge has become a lasting national landmark and has inspired many of Australia’s leading artists. It is one of the world’s most magnificent arch bridges.

Although it does not have the world’s longest arch span, its mass and load capacity are larger than those of other significant arch bridges, and no other bridge in Australia equals its technological importance. The bridge was the most expensive engineering feat in contemporary Australia, and although being over 80 years old, it has yet to meet its full capacity. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is especially notable for its affiliation with John Job Crew Bradfield, one of Australia’s most illustrious civil, structural, and transport engineers, who produced the overall specifications and oversaw the whole project.

Sydney Harbour Bridge: Directions and Transportation

The Sydney Harbour Bridge in the country of Australia may be found at a latitude of -33.852222 and a longitude of 151.210556. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is located in Australia. From Sydney’s Central Business District all the way up to the North Shore.

Why Sydney Harbour Bridge is Australia’s Hot Tourist Destination? | CIO Women Magazine

You can reach Harbour Bridge in Sydney by Train, Tram, Ferry, Taxi, or Bus.

  • The Nearest Airport

Sydney Airport is the closest airport to the Sydney Harbour Bridge (SYD)

  • Nearest Railway Station

 Milsons Point Station

  • Nearest Bus Line

Here are the Bus lines to Harbour Bridge in Sydney

Bus NumberRoute
254Riverview to McMahons Point  
269McMahons Point to Milsons Point via North Sydney & Kirribilli  
291Epping to McMahons Point  
324 Watsons Bay to Walsh Bay via Old South Head Rd  
325Watsons Bay to Walsh Bay via Vaucluse Rd  
570N  Neutral Bay PS  
662WLane Cove  
150XManly to Milsons Point (Express Service)  
154X Dee Why to Milsons Point (Express Service)  
203Castlecrag to North Sydney  
209East Lindfield to Milsons Point via North Sydney  
228 Clifton Gardens to Milsons Point  
229  Beauty Point to Milsons Point via Balmoral Height  
230 Mosman Wharf to Milsons Point via North Sydney  
286  Denistone East to Milsons Point via St Leonards & North Sydney  
287Ryde to Milsons Point via St Leonards & North Sydney  
568NFitzroy St, Milsons Point to Taronga Park Zoo  
569NFitzroy St, Milsons Point to Balmoral  
589N   Spit Junction to Milsons Point  
617NBroughton St, Milsons Pt to Manly Wharf  
  • Nearest Ferry Station

Ferry stations near Sydney Harbour Bridge in Sydney are Kirribilli Wharf, Milsons Point Wharf, and Jeffrey Street Wharf.

Nearest Stay and Cost to Harbour Bridge in Sydney

If you want to stay for a night near harbour bridge in Sydney, here are the best options you can try.

  • Four Seasons Hotel

The Four Seasons Hotel Sydney is colorful and elegant, with magnificent harbourfront views and a luxury day spa with special skincare and aromatherapy treatments. It is located in the historic Rocks neighborhood, only a short walk from the city’s retail and commercial districts.

Cost: $300 per night

  • The Sebel Quay West Suites

When you stay at The Sebel Quay West Suites Sydney, you can expect nothing but amazing hospitality, elegant accommodations, and exquisite service. Our 5-star hotel provides large apartment-style apartments with views of the renowned Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House, The Rocks, and Circular Quay. The Sebel Quay West Suites Sydney is suitable for short getaways, special events, and long-term vacations, and is located in the historic Rocks area, 12.4 kilometres from Sydney Airport and the Ferry Terminal.

Cost: $240 per night

  • Hotel Kith Darling Harbour

Hotel Kith Darling Harbour is a modern urban sanctuary. This boutique hotel has four small room types, including the Petite queen and Petite twin room series for travellers searching for a fashionable and comfortable place to bed after a long day out, as well as the Standard queen rooms and Queen with Balcony rooms for that more wiggle room.

Cost: $230 per night

  • Crown Towers Sydney

Crown Towers Sydney is the gold standard in Australia’s premium hotel sector, having received a Forbes award for guest safety. Each accommodation has stylish, contemporary décor that captures the spirit of the stunning and distinctive harbourside position, with wonderfully framed views of Sydney’s skyline.

Cost: $500 per night

Food You Can’t Miss

If you are in Sydney, you can gratify your taste buds with some of the following food items.

  • XO Crispy Fried Dumpling Scallop Steamed
  • Half shell scallop steamed with XO chilli and shallot soy sauce
  • Quail with Salt and Pepper
  • Stir-Fry with Dried Chicken and Black Beans Black Bean Sauce with Fired Chicken Thigh Fillet (skin on)
  • Mushroom with Seasonal Vegetables in Soy Sauce Vegetable Supreme
  • Chops of Mandarin Pork
  • Duck in Plum Sauce with Fried Pork Chops Tossed in Soy and Chinkiang Black Vinegar
  • Duckling Crispy with Sugar Cane and Plum Sauce
  • Fillet Pan Fried with Wasabi Wasabi-Slathered Steak Cube
  • Stir-Fried Salmon Cube with XO Chilli XO Chipotle Seafood Duck with Mushroom
  • Soup and Dry Conpoy Seafood Beancurd
  • Soup with Hot and Sour Sauce
  • Soup with Crabmeat and Sweet Corn

Dos and Don’ts when you are at Sydney Harbour Bridge


1. Harbour Cruise with Lunch Buffet

Why Sydney Harbour Bridge is Australia’s Hot Tourist Destination? | CIO Women Magazine

2. Harbour Cruise with Premium 3-Course Dinner

3. Open-Top Big Bus Hop-on Hop-off Tour

4. 3-Hour Catamaran Whale Watching Tour

5. Harbour E-Bike Tour Guided

6. CLIMB to the highest arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

7. Admire the sunrise or sunset from the Harbour



1. Going on a stroll without a tour guide

2. Staying out late at night.

3. Attempting to enter the water.

Best Time to Visit Sydney Harbour Bridge

If you’re considering a Bridge Climbing Adventure, you may be wondering when the optimum time to climb the Harbour Bridge in Sydney is. The quick answer is that you can do so whenever you choose. What makes the Bridge so wonderful is that it provides a fantastic perspective of the city, the harbour, and its environs at all times of the day.

Climbs are held at dawn, noon, sunset, and at night. Each time of day has various features that make a Climb unique and well worth revisiting.

  • Enjoyable Day Climbing

During the day, you can hear Sydney’s hectic buzz, from ships sailing below to Sydneysiders going about their business. Views of the azure seas of Sydney Harbour, the Opera House, and the splendor of the Royal Botanic Gardens will be available as you rise. The Climngi team can also provide you with some fantastic photographs.

  • Climbing at Night Can Provide a Beautiful Night View

At night, Sydney comes alive with brilliant lights and lively nightlife. In the evening, the Sydney BridgeClimb offers lit 360-degree views of the city and its surroundings.

  • Climbing At Dawn

The saying “the early bird gets the worm” accurately reflects morning climbing. Believe us when we suggest that getting up early to watch the dawn over Sydney Harbour is worthwhile.

  • Climbing at Twilight

The transformation of the day into the evening from the Summit is a spectacular sight that must be experienced to be appreciated. The benefit of a twilight Climb is that you get the best of both worlds: Sydney during the day and Sydney at night.

Nearby Places you can’t Miss

  • Pylon Lookout

The entrance to the Pylon Lookout and Museum, one of the top Sydney tourist sites, is located at the first pylon.

  • The Opera Bar

Yes, this location allows you to kill two birds with one stone! The Opera Bar, which is situated right opposite the Sydney Harbour Bridge, has one of the greatest views of the bridge. You may get up and personal with the Sydney Opera House before relaxing with a drink and some Sydney Harbour Bridge shots.

  • Blues Point Reserve (McMahons Point)

Blues Point Reserve at McMahons Point is a local favourite because it provides the ideal setting for a picnic with a view. We lived fairly near to this location and passed it on our way to the boat. Despite the fact that we saw it every day, it still astounded us.

At low tide, a tiny beach emerges, allowing you to snap a photo square on (and you can even get someone in the frame to offer perspective, as our niece graciously did above!).

  • Cahill Expressway

The Cahill Expressway is an excellent location for a night-time photo of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, particularly if you happen to be in town during Vivid.

You can obtain a view of the whole harbour, including the bridge and the Opera House. During Vivid, you may capture some incredible light trails, like our buddy Lee did with this photo.

Why Sydney Harbour Bridge is Australia’s Hot Tourist Destination? | CIO Women Magazine
  • Observatory Hill

Observatory Hill provides a spectacular view of the Harbour Bridge and The Rocks. There is a large grass to relax on, which is ideal for a picnic and a terrific area to view the sunset (which happens in the opposite direction to the bridge but still adds lovely soft light to photos). It’s also free to participate.

Available Tours

  • Big Bus Sydney and Bondi Hop-on Hop-off Tour

A Sydney and Bondi Beach bus trip provides all of the advantages of a guided tour, such as hassle-free transportation and on-board audio commentary, while allowing you to explore the attractions at your own speed. Tickets are good for 24 or 48 hours, allowing you to jump on and off at sights such as Sydney Harbour, the Rocks, the Royal Botanic Garden, and Hyde Park, or just relax and enjoy the scenery from an open-top double-decker bus.

  • Sydney The Rocks Guided Walking Tour

On this guided walking tour of Sydney’s historic area, discover the mysteries of Sydney’s legacy. Your guide will lead you along shady laneways and cobbled courtyards where you’ll discover some of Sydney’s earliest buildings, including Cadman’s Cottage, built in 1816, and the Garrison Church, built in the 1840s, with stunning views of Sydney Harbour and the Campbells Cove Wharves.

  • Sydney Bike Tours

This city bicycle trip allows you to see Sydney like a native, with four distinct itinerary choices. Allow your guide to handle the route and navigation while you enjoy the view, passing attractions like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. You can choose a bike tour that fits your schedule and budget by offering a variety of tour lengths and focal points.

  • Sydney Harbour High Tea Cruise

Enjoy a leisurely afternoon sail around Sydney Harbour, complete with high tea treats and sparkling champagne. During this 1.5-hour picturesque viewing tour, you’ll get great views of classic Sydney sites including the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Fort Denison, and the city skyline. Upgrade to get a window sea with great views of the renowned gorgeous harbour city. Keep your camera available for amazing picture opportunities in every direction.

Reserve a table for a 2-Course 1.5-Hour or 3-Course 3-Hour lunch cruise in Sydney Harbour. As your boat glides down the river, you’ll see iconic Sydney sights including the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Your seated dining experience includes dedicated service for your chosen two or three-course meal. As you take in the scenery, a variety of fresh seafood, pork, and veggie meals are offered. Upgrade when making your reservation to ensure a window seat.

What makes Sydney Harbour Bridge A Must-Visit Landmark?

It’s when you witness it with your own eyes, you get the idea of why it took Sydney Harbour Bridge eight years to come to life. Combine its marvellously detailed design with practicality, and what you get is an iconic landmark that you must visit at least once if you’re planning a trip to Sydney.



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