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RE/MAX TRU is a boutique brokerage out of Buford, GA, and has been home to the #1 RE/MAX Team in Georgia for over ten consistent years, The Tamra Wade Team. The team specializes in new construction and resale homes and represents the sales and marketing for over 10 new home builders in Georgia. 

RE/MAX TRU cultivates a team-like environment while giving its agents the individual attention needed to jumpstart and elevate their businesses. The Tamra Wade Team’s Brokerage sets the gold standard for sales, marketing, operations, and training. Its primary focus is positioning its customers in a way that connects with homebuyers on an emotional level. The team operates on a strong moral code and loves what it does. They are a bunch of talented and dedicated professionals working for the overall growth of the company. This is the difference that brings them continued success. 

Meet the Award-Winning Leader

A passionate and highly motivated personality, Tamra Wade is the Founder and 

Broker for the #1 RE/MAX team in Georgia and the #4 RE/MAX U.S. team in 2022

As a member of NAMAR, WOAMTEC, and the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association (including the Sales and Marketing Council Atlanta and Professional Women in Building – Atlanta Chapter), Tamra works hard to stay involved in the industry and community to remain relevant and connected with builders and other real estate teams. 

With more than 20 years of experience in Real Estate Sales, Tamra offers everything a builder needs to market and sell homes without having to pay the overhead of an in-house sales team. Tamra is currently marketing new home communities for more than 12 of Georgia’s top private builders. She also supervises 50 communities and 50+ salespeople and office staff. Her extensive knowledge, top-notch network, and unparalleled tools help to assist individual realtors and real estate teams in developing a solid foundation for growth. 

As a leader and owner, Tamra’s positive attitude and willingness to get the job done sets her apart from other Team Leaders. She strives to create and maintain a positive and collaborative work environment with her team. Moreover, she is always looking for innovative ways to sell more homes and increase traffic to communities to ultimately increase overall sales for her team.

Tamra is a dynamic Team Leader with a business strategy that has consistently landed her team in the highest of rankings. Tamra and her team have received multiple awards and recognition recently for being one of the top sales teams in both the metro Atlanta area and the state of Georgia. Some of the achievements include:  

  • #4 Owner-Owned RE/MAX Brokerage in the U.S. 2022
  • 2023 RealTrends’ “The Thousand” Rankings – #53 & #64
  • 2022 Mega Team Top Producer with Northeast Atlanta Metro Association of Realtors
  • 2019 Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association OBIE Award – Sales Manager of the Year
  • 2022/2023 Co-Host of American Dream TV- EMMY Nominated TV Show that highlights 400 of the most powerful agents in the country
  • Featured in Atlanta Agent Magazine- Who’s Who 2022. 

Combating Challenges with Pragmatic Solutions

One of the challenges that Tamra Wade’s Team faces is maintaining a positive environment for all. The real Estate industry is highly lucrative, but on the other hand, it is extremely intimidating, high-paced, demanding, and stressful. 

To sustain in this industry for long, one has to find feasible solutions and implement them for best practices. Tamra Wade’s Team overcame this challenge by providing support wherever needed for all involved, which can be 7 days a week at all hours.  

The company makes sure to plan and host social events to bring everyone together to bond and relax. In addition, it prides itself on making sure that everyone has the resources and training needed. The biggest thing that it all boils down to and Tamra Wade’s Team makes sure to maintain is constant communication through resources like GroupMe and their private company social page.

Success is a Measure of Holistic Development

The long-standing success of Tamra Wade’s Team real estate brokerage can be attributed to a combination of factors. Firstly, it prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing exceptional service and tailoring its approach to meet the unique needs of each client. Its team of experienced and dedicated agents consistently goes the extra mile to ensure a smooth and positive real estate experience.

Secondly, the company has built strong relationships within the industry, collaborating with reliable partners, and establishing a vast network of contacts. This allows it to access a wide range of properties and potential buyers, enabling it to find the best matches for the clients. Tamra Wade Team’s commitment to staying up-to-date with market trends, technological advancements, and industry best practices has given it a competitive edge. This ensures that it can offer innovative solutions and valuable insights to its clients, making informed decisions in the dynamic real estate landscape. 

The company fosters a culture of integrity, transparency, and ethical practices. It believes in building trust with its clients and maintaining a reputation for honesty and fairness, which has contributed to a strong base of repeat customers and referrals. As the owner of the company, Tamra provides an open-door environment where she is always accessible to anyone. Also, the company has phenomenal experienced leaders who truly care about the company and everyone who works with them.


RE/MAX TRU’s brokerage specializes in new construction opportunities and maintains strong relationships with Atlanta builders. In addition to specializing in new construction, its resale agents are proficient with their clients in their home buying and selling transactions from starter homes to luxury homes as well. 

The company aims to grow continuously by adding more value to its existing offerings. It implements key developments to stand out from the competition and offers individual agents exclusive lead generation services, giving them a competitive edge in the market. The company’s leadership is helmed by a respected industry figure with extensive market experience and trusted relationships. Agents benefit from mentoring, coaching, and administrative support, allowing them to grow and succeed in their careers. 

Additionally, it provides comprehensive transactional support and coordination, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for its agents and clients alike. With the broker’s 24/7 availability, it offers hands-on management experience, always ready to assist and guide its team throughout its real estate endeavors. 

Integrating Technology for Best Experience and Performance

RE/MAX TRU strives to leverage the latest technologies and innovative tools to enhance its offerings and provide an exceptional experience to its clients. Here’s how it incorporates technology into its services:

  • Advanced Property Search
  • Virtual Tours and 3D Imaging
  • Digital Transaction Management
  • Digital Transaction Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software
  • Online Marketing and Advertising
  • In-House Marketing and Social Media
  • Home Valuation Tools
  • Virtual Meetings and Consultation
  • & More!

By integrating these technology-driven solutions into their offerings, the company aims to streamline the real estate process, improve client experiences, and maintain its commitment to staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving real estate industry.

Decoding Tamra’s Leadership

Tamra’s career stands as an example for many women entrepreneurs who want to follow in her footsteps and mark their presence in the real estate industry. She has been a real estate broker, successful entrepreneur, and inspiring leader in the new home and residential real estate industry for over 23 years. Starting in 1999, her real estate career has grown from being a new home agent to leading a top-tier real estate brokerage and the #1 RE/MAX team in Georgia for over 10 consecutive years.

As a woman leader, Tamra has overcome many hurdles and accomplished milestones at every step of her journey. Every woman leader possesses some ideal qualities that make them successful and inspirational. According to Tamra, every woman in the workplace must be visionary as this quality helps to move the company forward. Successful companies often have strong, ambitious leaders who can foresee market trends, adapt, and make strategic decisions that drive the company forward. 

In addition, companies that continuously innovate and adapt to new technologies, customer needs, and market demands tend to thrive in the long run. They are not afraid to embrace change and disrupt their business models to stay ahead of the competition. This makes it a leading and dynamic company that is spearheaded by a fearless leader. 

Tamra shares a piece of advice for aspiring women entrepreneurs, “There is so much opportunity to be had. Whether you are looking for it financially, spiritually, in business, or personally. You can have it all if you put your heart and time into it. Failure will happen but it is how you get back up, learn from the failure, and move forward.

Tamra: A Team Player

As a founder and leader, Tamra has a close-knit team that she is extremely fond of. She guides her employees through the many crests and troughs they face and provides them with the autonomy to make decisions. She makes it a point to tell them that she trusts them and has their back always. 

When personal situations come up that are outside of the company’s agent and employee handbooks, she works to find a solution that is a win-win for all that are involved. She loves to see people grow and she always wants everyone to know there are growth opportunities. And, if they scratch her back, she will scratch theirs. The skies are the limit.

Up and Close with Tamra

As an established woman entrepreneur, leader, and business owner, Tamra shares some key insights about her career, women empowerment, finding inspiration, striking a chord with work-life balance, and more. 

Biggest Challenge in Tamra’s career: My biggest challenge has been failure and how to overcome it. I am very competitive and success is very important to me. I had to realize that there are things in my control and things that are not. I need to control what I can and make sure I am doing it to the best of my ability. I realize that some things are not me.

Women’s Inclusion and Empowerment: It is our culture. We support each other. We are friends. We push each other when we need pushing. We love each other when love is needed. 

Definition of Feminism: My definition is equality for men and more. A woman has the right and opportunity to be whoever she wants to be. A woman should be independent and strong.

Source of Inspiration: I have several people that inspire me but one from my childhood is Princess Diana. She was graceful, beautiful, strong, giving, smart, and loyal. She made an impression on people and she will never be forgotten.

Work-Life Balance: Beyond the cabin life, ensuring a work-life balance has been a challenge and it has taken me many years to learn. I still struggle with it to this day. I have to remind myself that this is important not only for my family and my health but for my company and those that need me in various ways. I work out early in the morning and get it done so I can get going with my day. I am the cheer coach for my daughter so I can ensure I am there even when work has demands on me. I travel with my husband and children 3 to 4 times a year and I dedicate my time to them.

Notable Testimonials

  • Brandon Woodard

“Rashida Price with the Tamra Wade Team/RE/MAX was extraordinary! My wife and I met with other representatives from Contracting/Real Estate companies and by far Rashida was the most hospitable, sincere, and honest professional we came across during our home search. She took her time to go over the available homes and what each one offers. Rashida is not about making a sale; she’s about taking a journey with our family to fulfill our dreams of homeownership in Georgia.”

  • John Meeks

On the spur of the moment, we decided to buy a new house. We were fortunate enough to have Ashley Bennett from the Tamra Wade Team/RE/MAX as our sales agent. Ashley was attentive, most agreeable, and went to great lengths to be sure our needs were met. She took all the worries and stress out of buying a new home. We highly recommend Ashley if you are buying a home!



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