Tesla Introduces Ultra-Wideband Support in Latest Update, Enhancing Phone Key Performance

Tesla Introduces Ultra-Wideband Support in Latest Update, Enhancing Phone Key Performance | CIO Women Magazine

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In the latest Tesla software update, version 2024.2.3, the electric vehicle giant is revolutionizing the functionality of its phone keys through the integration of ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. Unlike traditional Bluetooth, UWB utilizes short-range radio waves, providing high-precision location tracking with lower energy consumption. This wireless protocol, distinct from Bluetooth, is widely used for accurate device location and distance determination between multiple UWB-enabled devices.

Enhanced Tesla Phone Keys with Ultra-Wideband Support

Tesla’s phone keys, a convenient feature allowing users to lock and unlock their vehicles without a physical key, are receiving a significant upgrade with the introduction of UWB support. While the existing phone keys have proven reliable, occasional hiccups occur when the car fails to recognize the phone’s proximity, requiring manual intervention. The UWB integration aims to eliminate these issues by precisely determining the phone’s location relative to the vehicle. This upgrade is expected to enhance various features tied to phone location, such as automatically selecting the correct driver profile based on the closest phone key.

To activate the UWB-enabled phone key, users will need to set it up through the Tesla app. The app will guide users through a prompt to “Upgrade Your Phone Key,” granting access to UWB, referred to as Nearby Interactions on iPhones. Users can manage this access in iPhone Settings > Privacy & Security > Nearby Interactions.

Compatibility and Support

Tesla’s release notes highlight that the new “Ultra-Wideband Phone Key” feature will notably improve phone key accuracy and responsiveness. However, due to the hardware requirements of UWB, only select Tesla models support this wireless protocol. The Model 3 and the 2023 Model X have been confirmed to be compatible, and all refreshed Model S and Model X vehicles are likely to receive UWB support. Notably, the first-gen Model 3 and the current Model Y do not support UWB.

In addition to vehicle compatibility, phone compatibility is crucial for the optimal functioning of UWB-enabled phone keys. iPhones from the 11th model onward inherently support UWB, while certain Android models, such as the Pixel 6 and above, and select Galaxy S series phones, also offer UWB support. Tesla app users must ensure they have the latest version, v4.29.5 or higher, to leverage the new UWB feature.

The introduction of ultra-wideband technology underscores Tesla’s commitment to refining user experiences, promising greater accuracy and reliability in their phone key functionality. As the automotive industry continues to embrace cutting-edge technologies, Tesla remains at the forefront, enhancing the synergy between its electric vehicles and users’ smartphones.



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