Microsoft Unveils Windows 11 Version 24H2 with Exciting Features and Changes

Microsoft Unveils Windows 11 Version 24H2 with Exciting Features and Changes | CIO Women Magazine

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In a recent development, Microsoft has officially revealed details about the upcoming major Windows update, quashing speculations about it being named Windows 12. According to the changelog for the latest Windows 11 build 26052, released for Insiders, the next substantial Windows update will be known as Windows 11 version 24H2, aligning with the nomenclature trend of recent years. This news comes amid high anticipation for significant improvements and new features.

Merged Insider Channels and Sudo Command Integration

With the release of build 26052, Microsoft has made noteworthy changes to its Insider program. The Canary and Dev channels are temporarily merged, receiving the same builds for now. This streamlining allows users to switch seamlessly between the two channels without the need to reset their PCs until the Canary channel progresses to a higher build number. Additionally, Windows 11 Version 24H2 is set to incorporate support for the widely used sudo command, recognized in Linux systems. This command will provide users with a simplified way to elevate commands within a command line window, offering more flexibility and ease of use.

Enhanced Accessibility and Improved Copilot Functionality

The latest Windows 11 Version 24H2 update brings several enhancements to accessibility features, particularly for users with hearing aids. Bluetooth LE Audio support has been improved, allowing users to choose different audio presets within their hearing aids for a more tailored experience. Furthermore, users can now configure how much environmental sound their hearing aids pick up compared to the PC’s audio, providing a personalized audio experience. The update also includes improvements in Bluetooth settings, displaying more information for connected devices, such as battery life and connection status.

The Copilot functionality in Windows 11 has been upgraded to make it more user-friendly. Users can now perform actions with copied text directly from the Copilot icon on the taskbar, offering options such as explaining, summarizing, or sending the text to the Copilot chat. The ability to drag and drop images onto the Copilot icon for quick sharing has been introduced, streamlining the user experience. Notably, Windows Mixed Reality support is being dropped in this update, affecting users who rely on this technology, and Microsoft advises those users to remain on the current Windows 11 version until the end of the support period in 2026.

Additional Changes and Conclusion

Beyond these major updates, Microsoft has implemented several visual and functional changes in build 26052. Color management settings have been moved to the Settings app, and the energy saver icon for desktop PCs without batteries has been redesigned. The notification for using a charger with lower wattage has also been altered. Other improvements include the addition of voice clarity testing for microphones, upgrades to the Registry Editor, and enhanced Bluetooth device detection logic.

Furthermore, users in the Dev channel will now gain access to features previously exclusive to the Canary channel, introducing new energy saver options, a scrollable list of quick actions, and the ability to create 7Z and TAR files using File Explorer. The general public can expect to access these features when the update is released later this year. To stay updated, users in either channel can check for the latest build by navigating to Settings > Windows Update.



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