Top 8 Tips to Get Your Music Featured on Spotify

Top Best 8 Tips to Get Your Music Featured on Spotify | CIO Women Magazine

If you want your music to do well on streaming platforms, Tips to Get Your Music Featured on Spotify so you can’t just put it on Spotify and wait for success. Trying to figure out how to get your music on Spotify playlists?

If you remember our top tips for artists, you’ll have a better chance of getting your music on Spotify playlists. The revolution in music streaming has made it possible for everyone to release songs, which is a great thing. But you need to make a little buzz to get it to the right places, which means you need to catch the attention of the people who make Spotify playlists Tips to Get Your Music Featured on Spotify.

Getting your song on a popular playlist on Spotify is the holy grail. Playlists have quickly become the most important thing for musicians and producers. With the right playlist, a new release can go from having a few streams to having thousands of streams overnight.

But first, you need to get people excited about your music if you want Spotify and other streaming services to notice it. Remember these top Tips to Get Your Music Featured on Spotify if you want to get more attention on Spotify.

Here are the Top 8 Tips to Get Your Music Featured on Spotify;

1. Get verified

Just fill out this short form to become a verified artist on Spotify.

Tips to Get Your Music Featured on Spotify the checkmark next to your name not only shows that you’re legit, but it also gives you control over your artist page, access to a lot of stats and information about your fans, and the ability to send your songs directly to Spotify’s editorial team for consideration on playlists (more on that below).

2. Send Spotify’s editorial team a direct copy of your new song.

With a verified Spotify for Artists account, you can use Spotify’s formal (and free) process to submit a song that hasn’t been released yet for consideration on a playlist. Since the submission tool went live in 2018, Spotify has played about 72,000 of the pitches, which is 20% of the pitches. And even if your song doesn’t make an editorial playlist, submitting the form makes sure that it will be added to the Release Radar playlists of all of your followers, which sends positive signals to the algorithm Tips to Get Your Music Featured on Spotify.

Here are some tips from Spotify on how to make your entry stand out:

More quickly is better. You should pitch your song at least one week before it’s set to come out, so editors can listen to it.

A key factor is that the production value is high.

Top Best 8 Tips to Get Your Music Featured on Spotify | CIO Women Magazine

Don’t leave any spaces empty. Fill out the submission form as completely and correctly as you can. The questions about your track’s mood and genre are especially important for getting it to the right editors.

Pay attention to context and community. “Tell us who, what, why, when, where, and how your song is about,” the editors of Spotify’s playlists say. “Please tell us if there’s an interesting story about you or the song. The music is very important, but the setting is also very helpful. Also, they love it when artists put links to their social media accounts in their artist profiles Tips to Get Your Music Featured on Spotify.

3. Get people excited before the release

Start promoting your book well before it comes out. Don’t sleep on Pre-saves, digital versions of pre-orders.

They make sure people will listen to the music before it’s available on streaming services. And when the song comes out, Spotify will see how well it did, which will make them more likely to add it to their playlists Tips to Get Your Music Featured on Spotify.

Our friends at let you run as many Pre-save campaigns as you want for free, and they also have music marketing tools that will help your releases last longer.

4. Make sure that your artist page on Spotify looks good.

The better your profile is, the more you use it and keep it up to date. Don’t forget that those coveted play counts and follows come from real listeners, and you want a casual listener to become one of your fans, not just a fan of whatever playlist your track ends up on.

That means giving your Spotify profile a more personal feel by making sure your profile picture and featured images are good, your bio reads well, you keep everything up to date, and you use the Artist Picks Tips to Get Your Music Featured on Spotify.

5. Get your music analytics in order

Be smart about which song you send to curators. Check your Spotify for Artists’ analytics and choose a track that has been popular with listeners to pitch to Spotify’s independent playlists.

If the number of subscribers and listeners keeps going up every month, your music is more likely to get noticed and put on those all-important Spotify playlists. Make smart decisions about your promotions and do the boring marketing work to keep those numbers steady Tips to Get Your Music Featured on Spotify.

Make sure you have enough time before the release date to pitch new music to Spotify’s official in-house playlists. You can do this on Spotify for Artists. You can only choose one song per release, so choose the one you think will do the best.

6. Post about it on all of your music-related social media pages

Make sure that all of your social media pages have links to your Spotify. Put the Spotify follow button everywhere online where you advertise yourself.

Top Best 8 Tips to Get Your Music Featured on Spotify | CIO Women Magazine

Spotify wants you to tell your fans about their playlists, and if you’re active on social media, building a following, and interacting with your audience, more people will listen to the playlists you want to be added to. And while getting on a playlist is important, it may be just as important to build a strong fan base that will listen to your music even if it’s not on that playlist Tips to Get Your Music Featured on Spotify.

7. Make the Spotify playlist makers come to you

Making it easy for busy Spotify playlist curators to find you are less needy than sending them a lot of emails. Make sure you’re in all the places you need to be to be seen. Be active on social media and talk to other musicians all the time. Here are some of our best tips for musicians on how to use social media Tips to Get Your Music Featured on Spotify.

Get out there and do gigs, and look for real-world networking opportunities. If you get a lot of attention outside of Spotify, tastemakers will be interested enough in you to look for your music on Spotify and, hopefully, share it.

8. Artists can also make playlists

Putting together your playlist can show people where your music comes from and how it fits in with the music of other bands. You can make playlists on your page if you are a verified Spotify artist.

Claim your profile on Spotify for Artists to make sure your Spotify account is real. Not only does that blue tick make you look and feel like a “real” artist, but it also shows Tips to Get Your Music Featured on Spotify that you’re worth their time.

Try making playlists of bands that play the music that is similar to yours. Not only will this make it easier to listen to, but it might also get the attention of other bands, who might then add you to their playlists. (Of course, you should also add a few of your songs to the playlists.)

9. Let RouteNote do the work.

With RouteNote, you can release your music for free, and as long as you upload it before the release date, we can upload it to Spotify, giving Spotify playlist curators at least a week to think about it before it goes live.

Top Best 8 Tips to Get Your Music Featured on Spotify | CIO Women Magazine

Since 2007, we have been on the side of unsigned artists and independent labels. With RouteNote, you can send your music around the world to all the biggest streaming services, put your songs on TikTok and Instagram, and keep all the rights to your music without signing any sketchy contracts or getting scammed into paying extra fees for Tips to Get Your Music Featured on Spotify.



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