Top 11 Companies That Shaped The Modern World

Best Top 11 Companies That Shaped The Modern World | CIO Women Magazine

The 16th century was a time during which the globe underwent enormous changes. Companies That Shaped The Modern World, This event is considered to be the starting point of the modern age in terms of knowledge, skill, art, and science. It was a period of great inquiry and discoveries, religious and political upheaval, and astounding literary production. By the 14th century, Europe’s land trade routes leading to the East had been cut off as a result of the collapse of the Mongol empire and the growth of the Ottoman Empire.

Here are 11 Companies That Shaped The Modern World ;

1. In 1853, the Otis Elevator Company invented the modern metropolis.

For the first time in history, Companies That Shaped The Modern World, the majority of people resided in cities in 2008. Elevators are required for cities to become denser, or taller. The firm that made elevators more user-friendly is called Otis, and it was created by American manufacturer Elisha Otis. “Before Otis’ innovation, buildings seldom surpassed seven storeys (elevators were thought to be too unsafe to deploy),” adds ArchDaily.

Best Top 11 Companies That Shaped The Modern World | CIO Women Magazine

“However, it was Otis’ elevator that enabled the birth and dissemination of the skyscraper – an explosion that would forever transform the skylines of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.”

2. 1955: McDonald’s introduced a new (and uniquely American) method of eating.

Ronald McDonald’s empire employs 1.9 million workers and serves burgers to 70 million customers every day in over 35,000 outlets across 100 countries. Companies That Shaped The Modern World, There are around 13 billion servings of French fries involved in all of this. McDonald’s has become a greasy emissary of American culture, in addition to making fast food a huge thing.

3. 1870: Standard Oil had the world’s most valuable resource.

In 1870, John D. Rockefeller cofounded Standard Oil. With an estimated net worth of $440 billion, he’d become the wealthiest American in history. Companies That Shaped The Modern World, The money comes from controlling the world’s most precious commodity. Standard Oil dominated the refining, distribution, and remainder of the oil business by the 1880s.

4. 1906: Xerox invented the technology that allowed computers to be used by the general public.

We can credit Xerox for the equipment we use every day: researchers at the company’s legendary Palo Alto Research Center pioneered the mouse, desktop computers, and the visual user interface, which liberated computing from the medium of text.

5.1877: AT&T was the sole means to make phone calls.

Alexander Graham Bell founded the Bell Telephone Company a year after inventing the telephone in 1876. Companies That Shaped The Modern World, It was quickly purchased by the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, better known as AT&T. It became a monopoly: If you made a phone call in the twentieth century, it was most likely via AT&T. The corporation rose to become the epicenter of American telecommunications, ruling over a telephone monopoly until 1984, when it was broken up by the government, much like Standard Oil before it.

6. 1892: General Electric invented most of your home.

In 1892, Thomas Edison and three colleagues created General Electric. Edison owned many firms before to GE, which enabled him to put all of his eggs in one basket.

Best Top 11 Companies That Shaped The Modern World | CIO Women Magazine

GE revolutionized American household life in the early part of the twentieth century. GE introduced toasters and electric stoves into American households in 1905. GE created “the first hermetically sealed household refrigerators” in 1917.

7. 1996: Google searches the whole world’s information.

Google was founded in January 1996 at Stanford by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Today, Page and Brin run an empire that influences how we obtain information, communicate, and watch television, among other things.

8. 1903: Ford Motor Company turned people into drivers.

In 1896, Henry Ford developed his first gasoline-powered automobile in the workshop behind his Michigan home. He was an engineer with the Edison Illuminating Company in Detroit at the time. Henry Ford established the Ford Motor Company on June 16, 1903.

9. 1600: The British East India Company dominated over a large portion of the world.

The British East India Company formerly controlled half of the world’s commerce, primarily via its dominance in the spice trade. Companies That Shaped The Modern World, The British East India Company also influenced the development of the United States. The Tea Act was passed by the British Parliament in 1773 in order to sell the millions of pounds of tea that the East India Company had stockpiled in its warehouses to the American colonies, where they held a monopoly on tea.

10. 1927: Pan American World Airways made flying a stylish thing to do.

Although Pan Am ceased operations in 1991, the airliner transformed the globe by making flying fashionable. According to Fortune, when the Beatles entered America, they landed at JFK on Pan Am flight 101. Companies That Shaped The Modern World, James Bond flew Pan Am from New York to London (in Live and Let Die). When the film 2001: A Space Odyssey was released in 1968, it was evident who’s logo would be on the spacecraft that transported guests into orbit.

11. 1962: Walmart revolutionized shopping.

Best Top 11 Companies That Shaped The Modern World | CIO Women Magazine

In 1962, Sam Walton founded his first Walmart in Rogers, Arkansas. Companies That Shaped The Modern World, Within a year, it generated $975,000 in revenue. Walmart would exceed $1 billion in revenue in 17 years, the quickest of any corporation in history.



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