Top 12 Free Games In Microsoft Store

Top 12 Best Free Games In Microsoft Store | CIO Women Magazine

Games can be downloaded from the Free Games In Microsoft Store. Free and highly recommended games for Windows 10 and Windows 11 from the Microsoft Store. You don’t always have to play the latest and greatest AAA games when you’re bored and feeling lazy. The Microsoft Store also offers free, simple, and fantastic games. The Microsoft Store offers a wide variety of free video games. We’ve compiled a list of the top free games available for download and play on Windows 10 and Windows 11 from the Microsoft Store to get you started.

Here are the top 12 Free Games In Microsoft Store;

1. Sniper Fury

One of the main focuses of the first-person shooter Sniper Fury is, you guessed it, sniping your enemies from a safe distance. The rules of the game are easy to learn and follow. Free Games In Microsoft Store to maximize your experience and loot, you should always strive for perfection when completing a mission. Sniper Fury isn’t limited to the genre of sniper games, which is a plus. You’ll use standard-issue assault rifles in select missions.

You can improve your weapons with the money and experience you earn from missions. If you’re in the mood for a straight shooter with a variety of missions that gradually ramp up in difficulty, Sniper Fury is the game for you.

2. Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt is Free Games In Microsoft Store unquestionably the best racing game available today. To compete in style, choose from a wide variety of vehicles and environments in Asphalt 9 Legends. The setting in Legends is more vivid than in previous Asphalt games. More than that, the dashboard’s settings and recommendations turn driving into a pleasure. The career mode has more than 800 different races and 60 different seasons.

Top 12 Best Free Games In Microsoft Store | CIO Women Magazine

The nicest part is that you may form your own intimate group with people who share your interests. Gain access to exclusive incentives for reaching new benchmarks and rise to the top of the club scoreboard. The game is great, however, it has microtransactions and loot boxes like every other racing game. If you can get over it, however, Asphalt 9 Legends is a fun way to kill some time.

3. Homicide Squad: Hidden Crimes

This game is perfect for you if you like playing games in which you must uncover hidden things or solve a puzzle to progress. Homicide Squad is, as one would guess from the title, a crime thriller. Finding clues and hidden items is essential to solving crimes and capturing criminals in this game. Free Games In Microsoft Store over a thousand tasks and crimes may be found throughout the game’s thirty various locales. On top of that, the game has excellent representations of many types of characters.

4. Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a great PC game if you like endless runner genre games. Hill Climb Racing is a simple game that doesn’t need any prior experience. Long-distance travel, however, requires a great deal of perseverance, agility, and quick decision-making. Hill Climb Racing 2 is an improvement over its predecessor in many ways. New content includes weekly multiplayer events, character and vehicle customization, several types of tracks, the option to compete against friends, and much more are available in Free Games In Microsoft Store.

5. Township

Is your hobby establishing settlements populated by prosperous, contented citizens? If so, then you should play Township. The game Township is more akin to a simulation of managing a town and farm. The player may build their town and community by harvesting crops, refining the products, and selling the resulting items. Free Games In Microsoft Store nicest part is that the town may be constructed in whatever way you choose. Another option is to maintain a zoo filled with creatures of your own choosing.

Top 12 Best Free Games In Microsoft Store | CIO Women Magazine

Expect a large number of timers and in-app purchases, since this is a town-building game. In addition, you’ll need to be online to enjoy the game.

6. Castle Clash: World Ruler

As a massively multiplayer online tower defense game, Castle Clash: World Ruler has a global player base. As a tower defense game, you get to construct and defend your very own miniature castle by strategically placing various pieces of defensive hardware, warriors, heroes, and magical systems. When playing online, you may both attack and be attacked by other players.

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There will be times when your tower is attacked. A strong defense will allow you to weather any storm Free Games In Microsoft Store. In such a case, the attacker will raze the castle and take the spoils with them. You may also kill other players and steal their stuff and money. Because it’s a multiplayer game, there are groups you can align with. If you form an alliance with other players, you may provide and receive assistance from them as they defend your castle against attackers.

7. Fallout Shelter

The Bethesda game Fallout Shelter is a full-fledged RPG. Fallout Shelter is a building and management simulator, not an action-packed shooter like its AAA competitors. You play the role of a manager in charge of a safe haven where survivors may escape the waste.

To fulfill your role as manager for Free Games In Microsoft Store, you construct more sleeping quarters and actively seek out fresh inmates to house. The better your score, the more residents you can support, and the happiness they will be. Valuable things may be crafted from trash scavenged from the wastes or the dungeon. Of course, you should also secure your vault periodically to prevent unwanted visitors.

8. GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience

If you want to feel like you’re really racing, GT Racing is the way to go for Free Games In Microsoft Store. When compared to Asphalt 9: Legends, GT Racing 2 stands out because of its realistic racing characteristics and impressive physics model. It’s not quite as realistic as other AAA titles, but it comes very close for a free game. Career mode allows you to play alone or compete with other people online. An MMO component is present, yes.

Classic races, one-on-one duels, knockouts, and overtakes are just a few of the many modes available in this game. there are more than a thousand different races to compete in. You may play with or against other teams if necessary. It’s possible that fans of the genre won’t be let down by GT Racing 2, so give it a go.

9. The Chess Lv.100

The Chess Lv.100 is a great option for free board game fans. One hundred stages are available in the Free Games In Microsoft Store. Level 1 is easy enough for newcomers, but level 100 is a serious challenge. Additionally, a Hint system is available to aid the gamer. You may also record your matches to analyze your performance and learn from your mistakes.

Top 12 Best Free Games In Microsoft Store | CIO Women Magazine

You should definitely give this game a go if chess is your thing. Not only aesthetically pleasing but also features high-quality gameplay mechanics that will boost your performance.

10. Iron Blade: Medieval Legends

The role-playing video game Iron Blade: Medieval Legends is set in the Middle Ages. One of the thousands of gamers on a journey to preserve mankind and deal with the evil ruler Baal. Defeating a large number of enemies is a common requirement of missions. When compared to other role-playing games which are available as Free Games In Microsoft Store, Iron Blade is more action-oriented, allowing players to create their own unique fighting style.

In PvP, you don’t only have to defend yourself against monsters and other dangers; you may also wage war on other players and steal their stuff. Iron Blade Mediaeval Legends is the game for you if you like action role-playing games set in the Middle Ages.

11. Royal Revolt 2

In spite of its seeming simplicity, the tower defense game Royal Revolt 2 packs a lot of exciting and strategic gameplay. You may construct a defensive route, much as in the now-defunct Age of Empires: Castle Siege, to make it difficult for other players to breach your stronghold and plunder your wealth. The other players’ bases may be attacked, and you can lead your army into battle. The spoils of victory may be utilized to purchase better equipment & Free Games In Microsoft Store.

12. Can You Escape 2

I really like puzzle-solving games like escape rooms and other such games. The game’s idea is simple: you and the agent you spoke with have set up a tour of available apartments.

Top 12 Best Free Games In Microsoft Store | CIO Women Magazine

You have no idea how close to death you really are in that locked-down apartment of yours. Find Free Games In Microsoft Store, solve riddles, and decipher codes to make your way out of the room.



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