12 of the Best Shared Calendar Apps Scheduling Online for 2022

12 Best Shared Calendar Apps Scheduling Online In 2022 | CIO Women Magazine

Keeping track of critical dates and meetings is essential for every company owner, freelancer, or entrepreneur in Calendar Apps Scheduling Online. Keeping track of your appointments and other commitments requires a well-organized calendar. This is why a company calendar available online may be so useful.

Unless you’re in a really fast-paced industry, you probably need to plan some crucial calls days or weeks in advance. You need a strategy to guarantee that you won’t be tied down at critical moments. Your recollection is of no use. Your calendar will come in handy here.

In this piece, we take a look at 12 of the finest online shared calendar tools for organizing the calendars of your team members.

Here are 12 of the Best Shared Calendar Apps Scheduling Online for 2022;

1. The Obvious Choice: Google Calendar

When it comes to online calendar sharing, Google Calendar is the clear winner of Calendar Apps Scheduling Online. If you need a simple online calendar, this is the best option. The arguments against doing so are almost nonexistent.

12 Best Shared Calendar Apps Scheduling Online In 2022 | CIO Women Magazine

Google Calendar allows you to keep track of everything going on in your life, with each category getting its own color. You may dedicate one to your family, another to your job, a fourth to your daily to-do list, and a fifth to celebrate everyone’s birthday.

Every one of these schedules is fully shareable. The professional one might be shared by you and your associate. Online calendars allow you and your co-founder to maintain separate public and private schedules. You can do pretty much anything with it.

Any other calendar application may utilize Google Calendar as its back end. IFTTT and similar services allow you to add events, reminders, and other information to your Google Calendar. Favorite iOS calendar app? It probably syncs with Google.

Google Calendar works across all major operating systems like Calendar Apps Scheduling Online. It’s accessible using any modern web browser. Even if everyone on your team uses a different computer, tablet, or smartphone, everyone can still utilize it successfully.

Google Calendar is included in every Google Account at no additional cost. Those that subscribe to Google’s suite of productivity tools get access to it as well. You are already paying for Google Calendar if you are using Gmail with that domain.

Google Calendar has a lot going for it, making it difficult to surpass.

2. The Business Choice: Microsoft’s Outlook Calendar

Outlook is a serious challenger to Google Calendar’s dominance. Quite a few significant businesses have long already adopted Microsoft’s business-centric software suite. While the Outlook app does support subscribing to Google Calendars, doing so may not be the best idea if your team is mandated to utilize Microsoft’s solution for security, compliance, or even just personal preference for Calendar Apps Scheduling Online.

The Outlook calendar has many similarities with the Google calendar, but it also has several additional features. It works along with your email client to provide you with a consolidated view.

For hierarchical corporate teams, Outlook was built specifically. Managers have quick and simple access to employee scheduling, event creation, and more. Each person, group, and organization may have its own calendar in addition to its own personal ones.

Outlook is inferior to Google Calendar in every way except pricing. With Microsoft’s Office 365, you can get Outlook for as little as $6.99 a month per user. The Calendar Apps Scheduling Online shouldn’t be a problem if your company already has an Office 365 subscription for usage with other Microsoft offerings. However, this is a hefty sum to spend for a new calendar software, especially considering how many viable options are available at no cost.

3. The Mac Choice: Apple’s iCloud Calendar

However, Apple Calendar’s or Calendar Apps Scheduling Online strength also serves as its weakness; it can only be used on macOS and iOS devices. Although iCloud calendars may be accessed from the web and subscribed to in other calendar applications, the experience isn’t as nice as using Google Calendar.

Integration is the key to unlocking iCloud Calendar’s full potential, as it is with many other Apple products. Your next event’s location will be used to inform navigation suggestions, your whole schedule for the day will be shown in the Today view, and so on. This is possible on a Mac, but not on an Android device or a Windows PC for Calendar Apps Scheduling Online.

Because of its compatibility with Macs, iCloud Calendar is a wonderful choice for teams who work together. It’s a basic calendar program without a lot of extra features, similar to Google Calendar in most respects.

Suppose your team members are utilizing a variety of devices. In that case, however, a decent experience across all platforms is preferable to a terrific experience on one platform and an average one on all the others.

4. Zoho Calendar – Sharable Online Calendar App

Updated for the year 2021, Zoho’s calendar app has just been updated. The brand-new scheduler has:

Enhanced User Experience & Calendar Apps Scheduling Online

the ability to schedule events across time zones has been enhanced.

higher-quality search results

12 Best Shared Calendar Apps Scheduling Online In 2022 | CIO Women Magazine

a revolutionary new way to reserve materials

It doesn’t cost anything to use Zoho Calendar for the first several days.

In lieu of Google Apps, your business may use Zoho Workplace. In addition to a calendar and email, the office suite provides word processing, spreadsheets, and the ability to create presentations in Calendar Apps Scheduling Online.

If you’re already using Zoho Apps, then Zoho Calendar is certainly worth your time for the same reasons you’d use Outlook or iCloud Calendar. It will work in tandem with all of your other efforts.

5. Teamup – Sharable Group Online Calendar App

The team was built from the bottom up to be an online calendar for groups, as opposed to the other calendars on our list, which are essentially personal calendars you may share with other people. It’s a terrific option if you need a streamlined method of coordinating team-related activities, such as booking conference rooms, organizing deliveries and service visits, or dividing up work among several teams. NASA also makes use of Calendar Apps Scheduling Online.

While Teamup does offer a free plan, most groups will want the advanced security options that begin with the $8/month (total, not per user) subscription.

 6. Trello – Popular Online Productivity and Scheduling App

One of our favorite ways to organize projects is via Trello. It is the standard tool in our editing process. It’s an excellent tool for teams to use in order to monitor their progress on various endeavors.

The majority of teams use Trello as a digital to-do board, but it has many more capabilities. The Trello cards may have due dates set for them. Once you’ve done that, you may access the above-mentioned Calendar View in Trello. The cards are placed on the appropriate day on the calendar you get for Calendar Apps Scheduling Online.

A calendar like this may be the most practical option for your needs. Trello is a tool for team collaboration that allows users to discuss tasks, assign them to others, and keep tabs on their progress. It’s a good option if you’d rather have a chores calendar than a rigid organizational tool.

7. Basecamp – Great Online Productivity App

Unlike Trello, where each card is given about the same amount of importance, with Basecamp, each project is given its own board.

Basecamp, like Trello, features an integrated calendar that makes it simple to remember and plan for things like deadlines, meetings, and other important occasions.

While I wouldn’t advocate Basecamp’s Calendar Apps Scheduling Online as your only means of project management, it’s a great option if you’re currently using it or want to add more to your workflow.

8. Calendar.com- An Online App and Phone App

When Calendar Apps Scheduling Online comes to group calendars, Calendar.com is another excellent option. The app’s interface is basic, making it appealing to those who want a less cluttered experience. Your calendar’s color-coding features make it easy to differentiate between professional and personal commitments.

One plan is free, and there are a few that cost money. The free version of this program nevertheless gives you access to a large number of useful functions.

12 Best Shared Calendar Apps Scheduling Online In 2022 | CIO Women Magazine

The free Basic plan allows for as many as five users to work together. This software allows you to see your schedule on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis for Calendar Apps Scheduling Online.

Easily schedule meetings with others thanks to this app’s integration with Zapier (at the Standard level).

Connect up to 10 calendars (at the Pro level) and monitor them all from the same interface.

9. Fantastical- An App for Mac Users

Fantastical is a web-based company calendar that allows you to coordinate all of your appointments in one convenient location.

This program has received a lot of praise for its aesthetically pleasing layout and usability. The app’s flexibility means that each user’s calendars may be uniquely tailored to their needs.

The app’s Interesting Calendar Apps Scheduling Online section suggests third-party calendars that you may find useful, depending on your preferences. Keeping up with the latest episodes of your favorite programs, as well as sporting events, is simple.

The app on your computer will sync with the one on your phone, so you may have uniformity between the two. To use this app to its full potential, you’ll need to subscribe to one of the subscription tiers. But if you want to give it a try without spending a dime, there is a free plan available.

10. Business Calendar 2- An Android Phone App

Business Calendar 2 or Calendar Apps Scheduling Online is a web-based app with a wide range of functions and configurations for professional usage. But for some users, there may be too much information. However, there is customer service available to assist users with the many configuration options and functionalities.

Business Calendar 2’s ability to mass-edit events is a welcome addition. Your schedule may be seen in a variety of formats, including day, week, and month views. When it comes to themes, Calendar 2 has you covered with 22 available options and seven widgets. There is both a free and a premium version of Business Calendar 2 & Calendar Apps Scheduling Online.

11. Calendly- An Online App

Calendly is a web-based calendar application designed to streamline the process of organizing business meetings. In a nutshell, this tool is perfect for customer-facing startups. You may have visitors arrange appointments by sending them a link or by adding a link to your website & Calendar Apps Scheduling Online.

You may create several types of events and schedule them to repeat in Calendly. In addition, you may schedule tasks without lifting a finger thanks to this software, since it can send out the following tasks on your behalf:

Thank you letters, reminders of upcoming appointments, and more

There aren’t many customizing choices on this app, however.

We encourage you to try out Calendly at no cost for 14 days. However, unless you signed up for the permanently free Basic plan, you will be charged for a plan after the trial period ends.

12. My Study Life- A Phone App and Web App

My Study Life is a free online calendar that’s intended for students. It syncs across your devices and operates offline or Calendar Apps Scheduling Online.

12 Best Shared Calendar Apps Scheduling Online In 2022 | CIO Women Magazine

This software is great for anyone with a non-traditional academic schedule. You may get reminders regarding tests, assignments, or courses. My Study Life also offers a Tasks tool to keep track of what you need to complete. In addition, you may categorize your lectures by topic and provide details about them.



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