Walmart’s Onn 4K Pro Remote Control Mystery Unraveled

Walmarts Onn 4K Pro Remote Control Mystery Unraveled | CIO Women Magazine

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After weeks of speculation and confusion surrounding the remote control bundled with Walmarts Onn 4K Pro Streaming Device, the mystery has finally been unravelled. The enigma revolved around the discrepancies in the remote control received by early buyers. Some users reported receiving a remote with backlit buttons and a conspicuous “Free TV” button, while others, like the reviewers received a version without these features.

Upon reaching out to Walmart for clarification on May 13, their external public relations agency responded via email, shedding light on the situation. The email stated, “Of note, the remote does have two versions. The first wave of products released with the non-backlight version of the remote. The backlight version will be available with the product soon.” This statement provided clarity on the existence of two distinct versions of the remote control.

Continuing Revelations

As of May 16, a perusal of Walmart’s website revealed that the product listing still showcased the version of the remote without backlit buttons or the “Free TV” button. However, it was noted that the alternate version of the Walmarts Onn 4K Pro remote had previously appeared in product listings. Despite this revelation, neither listing explicitly mentioned the presence or absence of backlit buttons.

Impact and Conclusion

Despite the discrepancies in the remote control versions, the impact on user experience appears minimal. While some users may prefer the convenience of backlit buttons or the presence of a “Free TV” button, others may find these features inconsequential. Moreover, essential features such as the customizable star button, versatile YouTube button functionality, and remote-finder capability remain consistent across both remote control versions.

In conclusion, while the saga of Walmarts Onn 4K Pro remote control may have generated significant attention and speculation, its resolution reveals a relatively minor issue. As users continue to explore the functionalities of the streaming device, the remote control debate may fade into insignificance compared to the device’s overall performance and features. With this revelation, consumers can refocus their attention on enjoying their streaming experience without dwelling on the intricacies of remote control variations.



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