3 Ways To Brand Your Shipping Packaging (Ideas For All Budgets!)

3 Ways of Branding Shipping Packaging (Ideas For All Budgets!) | CIO Women Magazine

Branding shipping packaging makes your products stand out before they’re been opened by the recipient. This is excellent for brand awareness as other people may see the packaging and learn about your business. It’s also fantastic from a first impressions standpoint; good packaging heightens the experience for the customer and can make them lean positively towards your business. 

You generally have three main ways of branding shipping packaging and they suit different budgets. Find them in this post and pick whichever one suits your financial requirements! 

Here are three ways of branding shipping packaging:

1. Branded Stickers & Tape – The Low Budget Option

3 Ways of Branding Shipping Packaging (Ideas For All Budgets!) | CIO Women Magazine

Purchase unbranded shipping boxes or bags for hardly anything and then attach branded stickers or tape to them. It’s an extremely quick and cheap way of branding your shipping packaging by covering it with your colors and logo. You’ll find affordable sticker printing services to let you do this and the total cost is hardly anything. It’s a fantastic option for small businesses wanting to add a touch of branding to boring packaging without going over the top. 

2. Printed Poly Bags – The Mid-Budget Option

You like the sticker idea, but you want to take things to the next level. Opting for printed poly bags is probably the best step after the one before. Here, you can make custom shipping bags with your business logo emblazoned on them. It’s much bigger than a sticker or some tape and it gives you the advantage of re-usability. If a customer keeps their packaging, they can use it to send other goods online. Maybe they’re selling something on eBay and need a bag to post it in – they use yours and it’s almost like they’re advertising your business! 

3 Ways of Branding Shipping Packaging (Ideas For All Budgets!) | CIO Women Magazine

As you’re printing out hundreds, maybe even thousands, of bags with your logo on, the costs will be a bit higher than before. They must be custom-made, though it’s still an option that suits a lot of medium-sized budgets. 

3. Fully Printed Shipping Boxes – The High Budget Option

Those of you with a bigger budget can go down the route of fully printed shipping boxes. In this scenario, your shipping boxes or bags are completely customized. They have a unique color to reflect your brand image, contain your logo in various areas, and may even have a slogan on there too. Your goal is to have shipping packaging that truly stands out. Nothing will come close to this as you’ve customized the design to suit your business. It means everyone knows when a package from your company is arriving as they can tell by the colors or little design elements. 

3 Ways of Branding Shipping Packaging (Ideas For All Budgets!) | CIO Women Magazine

This is excellent for brand awareness – and you get the advantage of extra advertising we spoke about before. Naturally, as you’re customizing so much and, effectively, creating shipping boxes/bags from scratch, the price will reflect this. It’s not a cheap idea, so maybe consider this if your company grows. 

For now, you can see many ways of branding shipping packaging while aligning with your budget. Most of you will settle for the first option as it’s cheap yet still gives your packaging some extra branding. All three options are effective, so make up your mind based on what you can afford. 



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