Waze Rolls Out Speed Bump Notifications on Multiple Platforms

Waze Finally Delivers! Speed Bump Notifications Now on Android, iPhone & CarPlay | CIO Women Magazine

Source – The Star

Waze, the popular traffic navigation app, has begun implementing speed bump notifications for users on Android, iPhone, Android Auto, and CarPlay. Although the feature was announced in April with an expected release by the end of that month, the first notifications are just now becoming visible to drivers globally. This addition follows Waze’s model of utilizing crowdsourced data to provide real-time updates on road conditions and hazards.

Users of Waze can flag various road issues such as potholes, accidents, broken traffic lights, and more. These user-generated reports are then used to create alerts for other drivers, enhancing their navigation experience. In addition to user submissions, some alerts, like those for railroad crossings, are added by dedicated map editors.

Gradual Rollout and User Experience

Currently, the rollout of speed bump notifications is in its early stages. Users may not receive alerts for every speed bump on their route immediately, as the feature is still being expanded. Over the coming days, it is expected that more speed bumps will be marked by map editors, increasing the frequency and reliability of these alerts.

The demand for speed bump notifications has been high among Waze users for years. Although Waze promised to introduce this feature several years ago, it is only now being realized. In April, the company reaffirmed its commitment to launching speed bump alerts worldwide, initiating the rollout by the end of the month.

The importance of speed bump notifications lies in their ability to make driving more predictable and safer. Advance alerts allow drivers to slow down in time, minimizing the risk of sudden braking and potential vehicle damage. This feature is particularly useful in areas where road signage is poor or obscured.

Additional Updates and Future Availability

The speed bump notifications are part of a broader update announced last month, which also includes notifications for sharp curves and toll booths. These enhancements aim to improve the overall navigation experience, with additional updates to roundabout navigation and lane guidance based on the user’s route.

As of now, speed bump alerts have been confirmed to appear on Waze via CarPlay and iPhone, even when the device is not connected to a vehicle. Users are advised to ensure their Waze app is updated to the latest version, as having the most recent build could facilitate the reception of these alerts. It is also noted that speed bump notifications are more likely to be prevalent in urban areas where speed bumps are more common.

While not all speed bumps are currently marked, the map editor community is actively working to integrate this information into the app. Users who do not immediately see speed bump alerts are encouraged to be patient as the feature continues to expand and improve.

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