Google redesigns the Call Screen Feature for Pixel Phones

Google redesigns the Call Screen Feature for Pixel Phones | CIO Women Magazine

The call screen is one of the most practical features on a Google Pixel smartphone. Many actions that other smartphone brands may require the user to perform manually can be handled via the call screen. For instance, it can automatically filter out calls from robots and spam.

Additionally, you have the choice to manually screen calls so that you can determine the caller’s motivation. Google utilizes AI to automatically screen calls on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 Series devices. Therefore, the user may no longer need to perform it manually. Google is adamant on improving the call screen. The company is therefore releasing an upgrade to enhance and streamline the call screen menu.

Details of the Feature

Depending on the user’s preferences, Pixel smartphones can automatically screen incoming calls, reject them, reject robocalls, or let the call ring. These menus now appear differently thanks to changes made by Google. All of these settings are now grouped together under a single protection level menu with three choices, according to the business. There are three options for protection level: Maximum, Medium, and Basic.

You can select the Basic protection level if all you want to do is reject known spam calls. Both Medium and Maximum block spam calls, while Maximum goes above and above to block suspicious calls. The Pixel smartphone will also screen all unknown numbers at this level. Less information is available on the new call screen menu than it did on the old one. For brand-new Pixel users, it simplifies and streamlines several processes. Some people may not be as enthused about the new design as they were about the extensive menu.

Call Screen Helps You Avoid Unwanted Calls – Pixel Feature Drop

When will users get this feature?

Google has already begun distributing the latest version. Few Pixel users have received it, though. However, due to how tiny this functionality is, Google has not yet provided a release date. However, in the upcoming days, more consumers will undoubtedly obtain it.



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