Kimberly Capps Rumfield: Redefining Real Estate through Dynamic Leadership 

Kimberly Capps Rumfield - Redefining Real Estate through Dynamic Leadership | Keller Williams | CIO Women Magazine

Women have laid formidable contributors throughout real estate history, challenging traditional norms and making their mark alongside men. Over the years, their journey in this business has been a testament to determination and breaking gender barriers. When organizations like the National Association of Realtors (NAR) were founded, all of its members were men. However, soon enough, NAR realized the value of female membership. 

With significant contributions and overcoming barriers like discrimination in the real estate industry, women make up 62% of NAR’s members in the present. Regardless, it was not possible without putting up a fight against the patriarchal society.

Kimberly Capps Rumfield (Sales Agent and Team Owner of KRT Realty Group brokered by Keller Williams) is one the women leaders who paved her way to the men’s table, proving that success knows no gender boundaries.

Journey of Creating a Legacy

“Growing up, I was taught that you can set your mind to do or be anything you want to be, and I believe that still to this day.” With this mindset enrooted in her childhood, Kimberly started her journey in the real estate sector as an independent agent nearly a decade ago. However, she struggled while stepping into an industry that primarily operates on a commission-based structure and an entirely unfamiliar domain. Despite the overwhelming challenges, she demonstrated a solid commitment to hard work. Her relentless work ethic and support system have propelled her from a rookie agent to leading a team generating $45-55 million in sales volume annually. 

Stepping into real estate, especially as a woman leader, posed various difficulties to Kimberly. Overcoming the initial concerns of a commission-based structure required a deep commitment to learning the complexities of the trade. These challenges fueled her determination, pushing her to embrace hard work as an ally rather than a burden.

Kimberly’s journey from a newcomer in unfamiliar terrain to steering a team through multimillion-dollar transactions reflects the transformative impact she has created over time. She became an example and a woman leader, defining that with perseverance and commitment, obstacles are conquerable. Her narrative is an inspiration to aspiring women leaders in real estate, encouraging that with dedication and support, success can be achieved, even in traditionally male-dominated sectors.

Services Fulfilling Dreams 

While providing outstanding customer service, Kimberly and her team pride themselves on serving local communities and maintaining close connections with their database. This commitment goes beyond the instant gratification often dominant in today’s society. Instead, KRT Realty Group takes the time to truly understand its clients, fostering a personal approach to help them achieve their real estate goals. The company’s vision is to deliver service akin to the renowned “Chick-fil-A standard” – a commitment to excellence in every moment.

Keeping pace with changing customer demands is a priority for KRT Realty Group. It actively tracks market trends, monitors social media movements, and stays informed with regulatory updates. “When we meet with our clients, we take the time needed to fully understand their needs and couple it with our knowledge to find a perfect solution,” adds Kimberly Capps Rumfield.

Embracing technology is another cornerstone of the company’s brilliant service. Partnering with an innovative real estate brokerage, it benefits from constant reviews and upgrades to its technology services. It empowers agents to serve clients at the highest level while utilizing cutting-edge tools and resources.

From leveraging advanced software for property searches to harnessing the latest marketing technologies, KRT Realty Group is at the forefront, providing unparalleled service and fulfilling the client’s dreams.

A Leadership Inspiring Excellence 

At KRT Realty group, Kimberly stands out as a leader who not only fulfills clients’ dreams but also prioritizes the personal growth and achievements of her team. Acting as their biggest supporter, she takes a personalized approach, addressing individual needs, identifying growth opportunities, and serving as a reliable sounding board and coach as her team navigates challenges.

Kimberly Capps Rumfield emphasizes the importance of leaning into gratitude and empathy while leading with humor, compassion, and confidence. Her leadership style empowers the team to engage in creative problem-solving, ensuring a comprehensive review of all aspects of a situation before making decisions. This collaborative and supportive environment fosters a solid team dynamic.

Strategically marketing the KRT Realty group and prioritizing community engagement are key aspects of her leadership. Fostering a service mindset within the team and seeking growth opportunities through partnerships with Keller Williams Leadership is integral to her vision of being the best in the business.

For Kimberly Capps Rumfield, finding a balance between intentional thinking and avoiding overthinking is crucial. She encourages entrepreneurs to act on innovative ideas, emphasizing that surrounding oneself with a supportive network is instrumental in overcoming fear and achieving success. Her leadership is characterized by a commitment to continuous growth for herself and her team, creating a thriving environment within the KRT Realty group.

We work hard, play hard, laugh, and even cry together. We share in each other’s successes and commiserate together during struggles,

Kimberly Capps Rumfield

addressing the team dynamics.

Challenges Paving the Way for Success

While growing the team at KRT Realty Group, Kimberly Capps Rumfield faced common concerns about team dynamics, support during market uncertainties, and maintaining effective leadership in turbulent times. Seeking guidance from her support system at home and a trusted team lead turned mentor, Kimberly addressed her worries to be a catalyst, forming a team of seven successful women.

While stating broader challenges in the real estate industry, Kimberly acknowledges the inherent uncertainty and volatility in the market. To balance this, she highlights the importance of client education about market dynamics and offering creative solutions tailored to the client’s needs. Kimberly Capps Rumfield also suggests relying on local expertise to guide clients in defining the right path forward. 

The stable success of KRT Realty Group is attributed to the lasting bonds formed within the team, with members including Allison Kartal, Director of Operations, and agents Dobi Caldwell, Susan Brooks, Lynsey Grissom, Morgan Mota, and Kayla Jordan. Kimberly and her team are committed to delivering excellent customer service and recognizing the challenges in the real estate industry. 

The cohesive bond among team members, combined with their collective dedication to customer satisfaction, has enabled KRT Realty Group forward even during challenging periods. Additionally, the company prioritizes building trust with clients and understanding the significance of the real estate process in their lives.

Kimberly Capps Rumfield adds, “We thrive by building careers worth having, businesses worth owning, lives worth living, experiences worth giving, and legacies worth leaving.”

Women’s Corner

In a candid conversation with CIO Women Magazine, Kimberly addresses issues like Gender-Related Barriers, Women Empowerment, Work-Life Balance, and more. Here are some snippets:

1. As a woman leader, have you ever confronted any gender-related barriers? 

While I still sometimes struggle with this, it’s important to tune out the noise and stay focused and driven. Our goal is to serve our clients and communities the very best we can, and in an ever-evolving industry like Real Estate, I have to intentionally block out the negativity and stay committed to my goals. It’s too easy to get sucked into that negativity and finding your way out can be difficult so I turn to my support system to help me tune out the negativity or overcome it if I get caught up in it, which can happen to the best of us.

2. How do you ensure women’s inclusion and empowerment in your organization?

I instill confidence in my team by empowering them individually but reminding them that they have a team they can lean on during turbulent times. I have a team of seven strong, powerful women and they make me proud every single day. I foster our connection outside of work as well, with team-building events and an annual team trip in which partners/spouses are invited because none of us do this alone – the support system at home is just as important as the team support system and I want to acknowledge that. I want my team members to feel safe and supported, and I’m not afraid to go to bat for them when it’s needed.

3. What is your definition of feminism?

I was raised that you can set your mind to do or be anything you want to be and I believe that still to this day. I feel that women becoming more successful and prominent in the workforce has been a challenge to society overall – I think both genders struggle to be wanted, to feel needed and to find their role as our landscape continues to evolve. I love seeing women excel in areas that before were not given the opportunity to excel.
Feminism to me means equality and respect across the board. I taught my three daughters to treat every single person they meet with kindness and respect, and we expect the same in return. It seems like a small thing, but it goes a long way and I’ve found that this approach empowers women with the confidence to take big steps, and I’ve loved seeing women excel in areas that they might not have previously explored. 

4. Whom do you look up to as a source of inspiration?

My Grandmother, Kathryn Capps, serves as my daily inspiration. She just celebrated her 100th birthday and still lives independently. She is a Godly woman, found a career in a time when women were encouraged to stay at home, and she raised four kids while my Grandfather served in the military. Her unwavering faith in her family, her kindness, and her gentle guidance with no judgment – she set an example for the women in our family and we’re stronger because of her.

5. Beyond the cabin, how do you ensure a perfect work-life balance?

I can admit that I’d probably score lowest on this during a performance review. I find this to be the hardest part of “success” – it’s natural to want to be everything for everyone, your team, your family, and your friends. The first five years in Real Estate were probably the most challenging for me to find balance. I learned the hard way though that if I’m not taking care of myself, then I can’t take the best care of those around me, including clients. I now take time once a month, whether that be a trip to Nashville or to the lake to scrapbook, recharge, and spend time with family and friends. This keeps me centered and helps enforce a healthier work-life balance



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