Microsoft removes Wordpad from Windows

Microsoft removes Wordpad from Windows | CIO Women Magazine

WordPad, a straightforward text editor that Microsoft introduced nearly three decades ago and that later frequently came pre-installed on Windows computers, is now being retired along with Windows Movie Maker and Internet Explorer.

A Decision after Security Concerns?

WordPad was bundled with Windows 95, which at the time served as Microsoft’s flagship operating system, and has been a component of every version of Windows thereafter. It featured features like the ability to insert photos and connections to other files, supported a variety of widely used text formats, and allowed users to make simple text updates without the need for any other software.

According to the most recent Windows software documentation, which has been updated, Microsoft has now decided to discontinue WordPad. It shows how some features are added and some are eliminated as part of planned development lifecycles to enhance user experience. Because of this, WordPad won’t receive any new features or updates, and in a subsequent software update, it will be taken out of Windows 11.

Bleeping Computer has also suggested that WordPad posed a security concern. An earlier version of the year’s Qbot malware, which avoided detection by taking use of a hijacking vulnerability in the WordPad software for Windows 10, attacked some Windows-powered machines.

Therefore, it may be for the best if Microsoft does truly discontinue the software, despite our nostalgia for it. Don’t worry if you use WordPad frequently or if you’re just looking for some nice free text editors; I’ve got you covered. Here are some alternate software suggestions that you may get for free from both Microsoft and outside developers. Microsoft’s initial suggestion is presumably one you’re already accustomed to: Microsoft Word.

Alternatives for Wordpad

With an Outlook account, you may use Microsoft Word online without paying anything. After doing so, you can access Microsoft’s cloud-based Office suite, which consists of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, by logging into Microsoft 365 online. With a Microsoft 365 membership, you may also download Word as a standalone programme, although this service costs money.

Microsoft Word is still a popular choice among users because it has a plethora of tools for composing, editing, and formatting text as well as for sharing documents. It also employs rich text file types, most notably.docx, a proprietary format that not other text editors can access or edit. Word is available for free online right here.

Its second suggestion is Notepad, another well-known text editor that has long been a part of Windows. It is primarily designed for plain text files, like.txt files. While WordPad is being discontinued, Notepad’s functionality is still being improved.



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