The 11 most promising health and wellness startups

The 11 most promising health and wellness startups | Daily Marketing Facts

Here are the 11 most promising health and wellness startups:

1. Sona

1st most promising health and wellness startups , Sona, a firm established in the United States, creates music-based digital medicines for anxiety treatment. The startup’s smartphone app delivers unique music that has been scientifically proven to relieve anxiety symptoms. Because anxiety attacks usually strike unexpectedly, the sona app is a low-cost solution that enables users to manage anxiety symptoms in real-time.

So, normal activities don’t get in the way, and patients can plan to see their therapist or doctor at good times, which boosts their confidence and makes them more competitive.

2. BeSerene

2nd most promising health and wellness startups , BeSerene is an Indian firm that provides app-based stress management services. Its namesake software provides psychological and spiritual methods for stress management and symptoms, including rage, fear, and anxiety. The former addresses emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and psychosomatic issues, while the latter addresses general well-being.

The 11 most promising health and wellness startups | Daily Marketing Facts

Furthermore, it profiles each user and offers regular updates on their therapy progress. Personalized treatments increase patient participation and happiness, which improves physical, mental, and social capacities.

3. Peers in the Mind

3rd most promising health and wellness startups, MindPeers, a Singaporean firm, promotes behavioral wellbeing by developing tailored mental health programs. It creates mental strength development modules by combining technological empathy and clinical validation. The SelfCare application from the company helps users cope with guilt, sadness, rage, and other emotions, as well as establish new habits.

It measures mental health using its own Mindshare Index, which is based on a user’s psychological profile, behavior patterns, and life events. This enables people to better recognize and control their emotions. Furthermore, the firm provides treatment and employee welfare solutions.

4. Fluger

4th most promising health and wellness startups , Fluger is a firm based in Australia that is developing a complete management platform for healthcare use cases. For example, the business offers vaccine management solutions such as COVID-19 immunization, ready configuration, and a system that can be tailored to various vaccination regimens. Furthermore, it provides an integrated booking system with centralized storage, enabling medical providers and immunization suppliers to extend their services without further configuration.

In addition, the startup’s solution includes customer relationship management (CRM), invoicing, and nurse management tools. From the outset, these services are provided as Fluger Lite and Fluger Pro. Fluger also makes the Fluger Data Logger, which automatically reports temperatures, and the Fluger iPad, which has features made specifically for Fluger administration.

5. Verndari

5th most promising health and wellness startups , Verndari is a company based in the United States that creates VaxiPatch, a full-dose vaccination package that includes antigen, adjuvant, and delivery methods. VaxiPatch avoids the need for cold chains by delivering vaccines via the skin through a painless microneedle patch application.

The 11 most promising health and wellness startups | Daily Marketing Facts

Furthermore, its innovative technology enables vaccine makers to produce both current and novel vaccines, as well as enables vaccination self-administration. Verndari’s solutions drastically lower the cost of vaccine storage and logistics, allowing vaccine makers to provide vaccinations directly to the public.

6. CalcLab

6th most promising health and wellness startups , CalcLab is a Brazilian business that allows healthcare practitioners to analyse test findings in detail. The company either provides its own set of guidelines for interpretation or enables customers to create the rules. CalcLab’s software applies hundreds of interpretation rules in a couple of seconds once you’ve specified the optimal medical reference values. The solution saves both medical practitioners and patients’ time.

7. Considered Solutions

7th most promising health and wellness startups , Deliberate Solutions, based in the United States, is a behavioral health firm that uses machine learning (ML) approaches to enhance patient outcomes. Using its hardware and cloud integration technologies, the business allows psychiatrists to capture and retain secret digital information. The startup’s software is then used to objectively quantify a number of mental health problems.

To reduce time and enhance service quality, the platform also includes auto-transcription, annotation, monitoring tools, and digital consent management. Also, the solution is easy to connect to EHRs, platforms for measuring outcomes, and tools for getting patients involved.

8. MedicPad

8th most promising health and wellness startups , MedicPad, a Dutch company, provides a suite of technology-driven solutions to enhance medical and clinical management. The business provides smart forms to cut the time spent filling out forms and self-check-in kiosks to make patient onboarding easier. MedicPad also curates highly relevant digital medical records to help you arrange doctor visits more quickly. The startup’s offerings include AI-powered chatbots, medical and patient analytics software, and wearable devices for patient monitoring.

9. Flatechs

9th most promising health and wellness startups , Flatechs is a Dutch firm that seeks to deliver a visible syringe in order to reduce or possibly eliminate tragic mishaps caused by dangerous central venous connections.

The EpiFaith CV has an auto-aspiration and pressure sensing system built in, allowing users to concentrate on needle management while avoiding arterial catheterization. Because the EpiFaith CV has a mechanism that lets the guidewire be put in directly, users can start needle localization again at any time without taking the syringe out of the way.

10. Exos Armor

10th most promising health and wellness startups , Exos Armor is an Italian firm that aims to revolutionize the design, manufacturing, and functioning of orthopedic corsets. The company makes lightweight, highly customized, and breathable orthopedic corsets for individuals of all ages using additive manufacturing technology.

The 11 most promising health and wellness startups | Daily Marketing Facts

Exos Armor’s innovative methods allow for the creation of custom corsets within a few days following a visit to the orthopedic clinic. Additionally, orthopedic corsets are constructed from recyclable materials, reducing the use of gypsum and other processing waste.

11. Curis AI

11th most promising health and wellness startups , CurisAI, located in the United States, creates CurisView, an augmented reality (AR) headgear for psychotherapy and stress management. The business helps individuals control their anxieties via exposure treatment sessions. For example, virtualizing the inside of an airplane cabin to help patients overcome their phobia of flying, The firm provides stress management and cognitive-behavioral treatment for individuals suffering from mental diseases by using on-demand mixed reality solutions.


The year 2022 is when we must abandon conventional approaches to health and wellbeing. It is time for us to take the alternatives in healthcare more seriously and look for new methods to help our communities. Many people in the year 2022 will achieve success and happiness by starting their own personal health company.



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