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In a world that thrives on diversity and empowerment, the role of women becomes ever more vital. They forge paths, inspire change, and drive progress across industries. Among the influential ones, stands Ronda Conger, Vice President at CBH Homes, radiating her brand of impactful leadership.

Beyond her professional journey and community impact, Ronda Conger shares invaluable life lessons that have shaped her path. Her experiences, insights, and wisdom offer a roadmap for aspiring leaders and individuals seeking to make a difference. 

A Leading Force

Ronda is a driving force, overseeing operations, sales, marketing, and community relations at CBH Homes. Since 2003, her leadership has propelled the company to the forefront as Idaho’s premier home builder with a strong commitment to community engagement. Ronda’s journey began with KB Homes in 1993, a top-five national builder, where she gained comprehensive insights into home building–from sales to warranties and marketing. Joining O’Neill Enterprises in 1996, she directed land development and homebuilding, showcasing her versatility.

Her impact extends beyond the industry. Recognized for her community involvement, Ronda Conger received the 2018 St. Luke’s Hospital Luke Award, contributed significantly to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night Walk, and was honored as a Top 50 Women Leader by Women We Admire in 2022. Ronda’s professional and personal dynamic leadership exemplifies dedication and excellence.

A Journey of Excellence

CBH Homes embarked on a journey 31 years ago, crafting dreams into homes one by one. This commitment led the company to the pinnacle of the industry–the #1 home builder in Idaho and #48 nationwide. Its success is a testament to the power of word-of-mouth endorsement, a reflection of the satisfaction of homeowners who spread the word. With a thriving community of 25,000 homeowners, CBH Homes stands strong, propelled by collective efforts. Gratitude, humility, and amazement characterize its approach. It recognizes and appreciates every contribution—from those who wielded hammers to those who facilitated closings.

Beyond construction, CBH Homes has achieved the distinction of being an Idaho Best Place to Work. The company’s workplace culture reflects its dedication to employee satisfaction, illustrating its commitment to fostering an environment of purpose and fulfillment. The journey of CBH Homes is one of collaboration, community, and continuous excellence, showcasing what can be accomplished through passion.

Lesson 1: Seizing Opportunities

For over three decades, Ronda has found her passion in New Home Construction, a journey marked by a key piece of advice: “Go faster.” Looking back, her counsel is simple yet profound – the pace one embraces is directly proportional to their success in this field. However, an important “no” had to be spoken before starting this life-altering career.

In 1993, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Ronda and her fiancé, fresh out of college, embarked on new chapters. He joined Bechtel Construction for airport work while she urgently sought employment, leading her to a rapid introduction to the dynamic realm of cellular tower sales and marketing. Eagerly, she dived in, thriving in the high-speed environment where “more” was the norm. Among the hustle, a remarkable woman, Michelle, a corporate executive, stood out.

With her impeccable style and demeanor, Michelle’s presence commanded attention. One day, the unexpected happened. Approaching Ronda’s desk, Michelle, recognizing Ronda’s standout performance, invited her to be part of an exciting venture–to spearhead and manage a division in Las Vegas.

The answer was unequivocal–a resounding “yes.” This decision marked a turning point. The exuberant confirmation of commitment propelled Ronda into a thrilling partnership.

The journey that followed was one of seizing opportunities. Ronda immersed herself in her new role, soaking up knowledge, embracing challenges, and becoming the driving force Michelle had recognized. The young professional who once wondered about the impressive woman in the baby blue Jaguar was now a rising star.

 A Lesson in Initiative

Ronda’s mantra is clear: Don’t wait to be told what to do. Do it. Waiting for instructions is counterproductive. Instead, seize opportunities, initiate action, and make things happen. Ronda’s experience teaches that true progress emerges when individuals actively engage, unafraid to take the lead.

Another facet of the lesson: Don’t wait to be trained or given all the information. Read, watch, find, and seek it out. Acquiring knowledge is not confined to formal training. Ronda advises relentless learning, urging individuals to pursue information through various avenues. In the dynamic world of construction, adaptability and resourcefulness are prized qualities.

She believes work hours and key areas given to by employers are the bare minimum expected out of one. Do more. Seriously, do more. Ronda’s principle centers on exceeding expectations. While meeting minimum requirements suffices, the extra effort distinguishes outstanding professionals. Going beyond the norm creates a lasting impact.

The path to advancement is guided by personal drive: There is no set timeline or path. One decides how fast to move up based on attitude, actions, and energy. The journey is self-directed. Predetermined schedules don’t bind success; individual dedication, choices, and enthusiasm determine it. Ronda underscores her lesson with a resounding call: Be so good they can’t ignore you. Exceptionalism is the ultimate strategy. By honing skills and consistently delivering exceptional results, professionals become indispensable, warranting attention and advancement.

Navigating Uncharted Waters

Guided by a mentor’s wisdom, Ronda found herself in a new management role entrusted with establishing an entire division. The challenge was monumental: assemble a team, set up an office, and operationalize it in days. Armed with determination, Ronda embarked on the task. With a directive to hire specific roles and furnish the office, she embraced the challenge with open arms.

The timeline was tight, and Ronda’s solution-oriented approach propelled her forward. In the heart of Las Vegas, urgency filled the air. Ronda’s commitment was firm. Over six intense days, she worked relentlessly, determined to meet the daunting deadline. The result? An office that was up and running with clockwork precision.

Ronda’s tale reveals a harmonious team united under her capable management. The division thrived, rewarded by appreciation bonuses and a flourishing environment. But the most impactful chapter was yet to unfold. Amidst the triumph, an unforeseen call shattered the routine. Ronda’s mentor, Michelle, disclosed a seismic change. The news was staggering: The division would be raided by the FBI. Urgent steps were needed to navigate the storm.

With unparalleled composure, Ronda absorbed the blow. Her mission was clear: orchestrate layoffs, safeguard sensitive information, and dismantle the office. Michelle’s support had turned into an exit strategy. Ronda’s dedication and initiative had to be redirected in a surreal twist.

Ronda’s journey reached an unforeseen crossroads. The mentor who had propelled her career now bid her a sudden goodbye. With gratitude and poise, Michelle left Ronda with a parting message, echoing her potential to succeed.

Lesson 2: Saying Yes to the Unfamiliar

As an example of her career’s first lesson, “Go faster,” Ronda encourages proactivity, urging individuals not to wait for instructions but rather to take initiative. Prompted by necessity, Ronda swiftly joined the fast-paced cellular tower sales and marketing world. The vibrant environment resonated with her hunger for knowledge and growth, propelling her to become an indispensable asset. Amid the bustling corridors of her work, Ronda’s trajectory encountered a pivotal moment – an encounter with Michelle, a corporate executive. Recognizing Ronda’s commitment and drive, Michelle extended an offer that would reshape her path. With unparalleled determination, Ronda met the challenges head-on, setting up the office and assembling a cohesive team.

“Say yes,” Ronda’s second lesson encapsulates the courage to accept unfamiliar challenges. Ronda’s narrative took an unforeseen turn when her stepmother steered her toward obtaining a real estate license. Despite initial reservations, Ronda embarked on the journey, unearthing unanticipated opportunities. An NFL Quarterback turned instructor suggested Ronda explore new home construction, but an initial reluctance led her to say “no.” However, life’s twists often lead us back to the paths we initially resisted.

The Hard Rock Cafe Revelation

Ronda’s journey continued when she stumbled upon a news story detailing coveted waitress positions at the Hard Rock Cafe. Driven by curiosity and determination, Ronda Conger joined the lengthy queue, embracing the unknown. Her instinct to “accept the challenge” triumphed over doubt, and soon, she found herself at the entrance of the renowned establishment, ready to seize the opportunity. Ronda’s journey exemplifies the blend of initiative, adaptability, and resilience required to excel in New Home Construction. 

Interviews That Define Success: Lessons from Ronda Conger

  • Following Directions Interview

One lesson stands strong in exploring Ronda’s insightful interview experiences: the ability to follow directions. Ronda’s engagement demonstrates her commitment to this trait, as she arrived equipped with her resume, embracing the significance of preparation and attention to detail.

  • Meet & Greet Interview

Ronda’s interview journey delves further, examining the essence of personal interactions. Her tale encompasses holding a sentence, maintaining eye contact, radiating an outgoing personality, and exuding vibrant energy. These qualities, indicative of her dynamic presence, have undoubtedly contributed to her success.

  • Initiative amid Chaos 

As the narrative unfolds, Ronda’s adaptability and initiative take center stage. Her account of an unexpected scenario at a restaurant paints a vivid picture. When faced with a messy environment and the option to wait or return another day, Ronda demonstrated her character. She jumped in without hesitation, clearing tables and embodying a “jump in and help” mentality – a testament to her resourcefulness and willingness to contribute.

  • Quick Thinking Interview

Ronda’s story continues to impress with her ability to think independently. Amidst a crowded restaurant, she was challenged to seize attention in three seconds. Her quick, bold action – standing atop a table and commanding everyone’s focus with her strong voice – exemplifies her ability to thrive under pressure and to captivate an audience.

  • Being the Desired Teammate Interview

The culmination of Ronda’s interview revelations leads to a crucial question – do people want her on their team? In a final interview, the Hard Rock team’s approach highlighted their emphasis on collective decision-making. With the team’s diverse members assembled to evaluate the remaining candidates, Ronda’s journey aptly demonstrated her value as a desirable teammate, a contributor capable of aligning seamlessly with a cohesive unit.

Lesson 3: Be Ready for Anything

As Ronda’s journey unfolds, the lesson “Be ready for anything” resounds as a guiding principle that propelled her into a dynamic career, encapsulating resilience and adaptability.

  • The Waiting Game

As Ronda eagerly awaited the outcome of her interview with Hard Rock Cafe, a surprise call shook her path. Liesel Williams from KB Homes, a prominent national builder, contacted her based on a recommendation. The unforeseen opportunity illuminated the essence of being open to unexpected twists.

  • A Serendipitous Meeting

Liesel, aware of Teddy’s endorsement, scheduled a coffee meetup. In those three hours, Liesel meticulously laid out the allure of New Home Construction – growth, impact, financial rewards, and boundless potential. However, Ronda remained steadfast, her initial plans divergent from this path.

  • Embracing the Unexpected Again

Despite her initial reservations, Ronda Conger was captivated by Liesel’s insights and experiences. A connection blossomed despite Ronda’s reservations about New Home Construction. Their coffee conversation was punctuated by an invitation to the KB Homes sales meeting – a gesture that would soon lead to a pivotal moment.

  • Triumph at the Crossroads

The news from Hard Rock Cafe, an unexpected job offer, added to the whirlwind. Yet, Ronda’s resolve was cemented – she was about to embrace a new career and path. Her first day at KB Homes marked a milestone. The blend of experiences from the unconventional and the familiar framed her determined attitude.

  • A Willingness to Learn

Ronda’s drive to learn was insatiable. She ventured into diverse departments across four years at KB Homes, leaving no opportunity unexplored. Sales, Design Studio, Warranty, Finance, and Marketing became her playground, embodying her unyielding commitment to embracing new experiences.

  • A Path Paved by Passion

Ronda’s tenacity shone anew when a cross-state move led her to a local land developer and homebuilder. Unfazed by a lack of openings, she offered to work without pay, driven solely by her passion for the industry. Her dedication resonated, propelling her from an assistant to Director of Sales and Marketing, a testament to her willingness to contribute.

Lesson 4: Stop Waiting For The Right Time

Ronda’s vital principle – “Stop waiting for the right conditions, the perfect opportunities.” This lesson underscores the power of initiative, reminding us that luck often finds us when we are diligently at work.

  • The Quest for Excellence

Ronda’s journey continued to unfold as she delved into her role, immersing herself in every facet of the industry. Over the course of six years, she seized the opportunity to learn from the company’s Owner and his son. Consumed by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, she voraciously read books on construction and attended conferences, all aimed at becoming an unparalleled expert in her field.

  • Investing in Growth

A pivotal point illuminated Ronda’s path – her commitment to self-improvement. She firmly believed that pursuing knowledge didn’t cease after formal education or landing a job. As others settled into complacency, Ronda Conger stood out by embracing a relentless pursuit of growth. The disparity between those who stop learning and those who continue to grow became evident, propelling her forward.

  • The Desire for More

The pursuit of excellence lies at the core of Ronda’s ethos. “Do you want more? Do you want growth? Do you want opportunities? Do you want more money? Do you want a better title? Do you want a career you love? Do you want a life you’re proud of?” These questions, posed by Ronda, epitomize her commitment to pushing boundaries and continuously striving for advancement.

The Epitome of Success

Two decades as Vice President of CBH Homes have been a testament to Ronda’s unrelenting drive. The company’s achievements under her guidance bear testament to her dedication:

  • Ranked as the #1 Builder in Idaho.
  • A formidable presence as the 45th largest builder in the nation.
  • A team composition of 70% women in a traditionally male-dominated industry.
  • Overseeing 300 remarkable CBH teammates.
  • Consistently voted as the Best Place to Work in Idaho for 13 consecutive years.
  • Earning the title of CBH Homes RoShamBo Tournament Champion.
  • Over 25,000 homes were built in 30 years.

Parting Wisdom

Ronda’s resolute journey is a source of inspiration. Hard Rock Cafe’s allure paled compared to the passion and purpose she discovered within New Home Construction. Her path has been one of continual effort, defying limits, and embracing challenges. In her parting wisdom, Ronda Conger emphasizes that the key to growth lies in the unyielding pursuit of progress – “Do more. No, do more. Try and try again. Learn, dive in head first, and soak it all up. Be fearless. Go faster.” 


Ronda Conger’s mantra is clear: Don’t wait to be told what to do. Just Do it. 



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