10 Best Manufacturing Hubs in Shangai

10 Best Manufacturing Hubs in Shangai | CIO Women Magazine

China makes 28.7% of the things that are made in the world. Shanghai, a city on the northeastern coast, is its biggest hub. Each month, more than 2,000 container ships leave the port to send cars, electronics, and clothes all over the world

Top 10. places in Shangai for making things:

Here are the 10 best Manufacturing Hubs in Shangai;

10. Fosun Group

This Manufacturing Hubs in Shangai Started in 1992, Shanghai Products: Steel, health care, real estate, and technology

Fosun International is number 459 on the Forbes Global 2000 list for 2021. It has been at the top of China’s Top 500 Private Enterprises for three years.

Fosun is the leader in the customer-to-maker (C2M) ecosystem. It builds high-quality products and services for customers all over the world.

9. General Motors

Started in the US in 1908, and moved to China in 1997.

Cars and trucks

10 Best Manufacturing Hubs in Shangai | CIO Women Magazine

The Chinese government helped bring Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC), which makes more cars than any other company in China, and General Motors together.

As SAIC-GM, the Shanghai factory is worth US$1.5 billion. It is thought to be the biggest complex for cars in China.

8. Apple

It began in the US in 1976 and moved to China in 1988.

Electronics is the product.

Do you want to take a selfie?

The iPhone and iPad cameras are made at Apple’s Qualcomm factory. The camera algorithm, chassis, lens, and focus sensor are all made there.

Qualcomm is also on the cutting edge of how 5G technology is used in computing and the Internet of Things (IoT).

7. Tesla

Started in Texas in 2003; moving to China in 2018

Cars and small houses are the product.

Because of the growing demand for Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs) in China and competition with Volkswagen, Tesla is reportedly getting ready to build a second factory in Shanghai. This will allow the company to double the number of EVs it makes.

If the electric car company is successful, it could make up to 2 million cars each year.

6. Yotex Clothing

Yotex Clothing Manufacturing Hubs in Shangai Started in 2015 in Shanghai

The clothing is good.

Yotex Apparel Co., Ltd. was started by a group of Fashion Design Engineers with the help of the East China University of Science and Technology. Yotex Apparel makes active sportswear and protective clothes. They call themselves “quality enthusiasts.”

In 2020, the business did well because there was more demand for activewear, and that hasn’t changed.

5. Bright Food

Bright Food Manufacturing Hubs in Shangai Started in 2006, Product: Food Place: Shanghai

10 Best Manufacturing Hubs in Shangai | CIO Women Magazine

Bright Food is the second-largest food company in China. It uses modern agriculture, food manufacturing, and food distribution to make popular products like Maling canned foods and Bright ice cream which are loved all over the world.

Bright Food also has six companies that are on the stock market. These include Bright Dairy, Jingfeng Wine, and Bright Real Estate.

4. Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding

This Manufacturing Hubs in Shangai Started in 1994, Product: Medicines from Shanghai

Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co. Ltd. (“SPH”) is a vertically integrated and diversified pharmaceutical group that is a leader in healthcare research and development, manufacturing, distribution, and retail.

As a leader in both manufacturing and distribution in China, SPH’s 2019 sales reached US$26.5bn, making it one of China’s biggest healthcare companies.

3. ABB

ABB Engineering (Manufacturing Hubs in Shangai) Ltd. is one of China’s top 100 electric companies. It was founded in 1999 in Shanghai, and its main product is technology. The company says its success is due to the 105,000 people who work for it in 100 countries.

The world’s biggest tech company is working to make a better future for everyone by balancing economic success and caring for the environment.

2. Volkswagen

Started in Germany in 1937; moved to Shanghai in 1985

Manufacturing Hubs in Shangai for Cars and trucks

Even though Tesla is a competitor, Volkswagen continues to add new products to its lineup.

10 Best Manufacturing Hubs in Shangai | CIO Women Magazine

CEO of Volkswagen, Ralf Brandstatter, said that this shows how important it is for the brand to reach its goal of having at least 50% of cars in North America and China be electric by 2030.

Stephan Wollenstein, CEO of Volkswagen Brand China, said about the growing EV market, “We will continue to improve our existing models and their variations to meet the needs of our Chinese customers.”

1. Baosteel Group

Shanghai, China, 1978

Iron and steel are what you get

Iron and steel are important parts of the building industry. The value of China’s construction work made up 25.9% of its GDP in 2020, and part of that was because of Baosteel.

As the first company to be able to make the first, second, and third generations of advanced high-strength steel, Baosteel is shipped all over the world and used in many industries, such as the auto, transportation, and nuclear power industries.



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