Leading with Flexibility and Compassion: Dr. Nisha Kohli’s Recipe for Success

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A female leader should be flexible in tailoring her leadership and managerial approach to address the unique demands of varied circumstances and environments. This entails overseeing factors influencing team effectiveness while promoting a collaborative, innovative, and resilient culture. Furthermore, a female leader should adopt the mentor role, offering constructive feedback and direction to her colleagues to aid in their growth and enhance their professional prosperity. 

Dr. Nisha Kohli (CEO & Founder of Corpstage) is nurturing and empowering others by playing a pivotal part in the collective triumph of the team and the organization. In her company, she fosters a culture of open communication and feedback, where employees feel comfortable expressing their ideas, concerns, and aspirations. She is fuelled by a passion for creating an impact in society by making corporations driven by purpose as stewards of future generations and more responsible towards planet earth and society.

Quest for Professional Fulfillment

As the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Corpstage, an innovative sustainability platform leveraging cutting-edge DLT technologies, Dr. Nisha has more than 23 years of experience in consultancy, training, and managing financial functions across multinational corporations and private enterprises. Holding credentials as a Chartered Accountant, a Ph.D. holder in Corporate Governance, and a Chartered Financial Analyst Level 3. (CFA), and, she is deeply committed to fostering impactful change in sustainability and entrepreneurship. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Dr Nisha was an avid researcher. She has many publications in internationally refereed journals under her belt including a few case studies in Havard Business Publishing.

Dr. Nisha encountered one of the most demanding aspects of her journey in striking a balance between work and relocating to various countries due to her husband’s professional obligations. With the responsibility of raising two children, she grappled with managing her time amidst family commitments, household responsibilities, and professional pursuits. Establishing new relationships and securing clients in each new country and location posed significant challenges. Overcoming these hurdles required considerable effort and courage, enabling her to grasp opportunities that came her way. 

Presently, Dr. Nisha operates on a global scale without constraints. Additionally, she confronted gender stereotypes, particularly as an Indian woman, where societal expectations often prioritized household duties over career aspirations. Despite these challenges, Dr. Nisha was fortunate to receive unconditional support from her husband at every juncture. Without his encouragement and assistance, her achievements would not have been possible.

Commitment towards a Greener Future

Corpstage, under the leadership of Dr. Nisha, specializes in ESG and Sustainability Consulting Services, aiming to guide businesses toward a more environmentally conscious and responsible future. This objective is achieved through the provision of credible platforms, certifications, comprehensive carbon footprint analyses, and educational courses and workshops.

At the forefront of ESG consulting, Corpstage’s revolutionary SAAS platform, leveraging blockchain technology, simplifies sustainability management. This platform ensures compliance, facilitates accurate reporting, and promotes sustainable communication, empowering businesses to realize their potential in fostering a greener and more responsible world.

Corpstage envisions a future where sustainability is ingrained in the fabric of every business, rendering ESG management accessible and straightforward for all. Its mission is to cultivate a flourishing sustainability ecosystem through global partnerships, driving toward a brighter future for all stakeholders.

From Setbacks to Success

As CEO and Founder of Corpstage, Dr. Nisha encountered numerous obstacles typical of the startup world, particularly stemming from societal norms and cultural expectations. Overcoming these challenges, often entrenched in a male-dominated environment, required navigating a complex maze. Despite the additional challenge of relocating for family reasons, Dr. Nisha remained steadfast in pursuing her career aspirations while managing familial responsibilities.

The realization of her entrepreneurial dream came later in Dr. Nisha’s life, coinciding with her children’s college years. Transitioning into entrepreneurship presented its own set of hurdles, including the toll it took on her health due to relentless work efforts leading to stress-related issues. Additionally, forming partnerships proved challenging, as Dr. Nisha encountered individuals with ulterior motives seeking to exploit her position. Nevertheless, her determination and resilience propelled her forward in establishing Corpstage as a leader in its field.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

Throughout Corpstage’s journey, Dr. Nisha’s determination proved invaluable. Despite inevitable challenges and setbacks, she maintained clarity of thought and persevered, believing in the potential of every woman entrepreneur. Despite the demanding workload and health concerns, Dr. Nisha prioritized self-care through mindfulness and sought balance. Trusting her intuition and resilience, she navigated challenges in finding reliable partners. Continuous learning and authenticity were pivotal in overcoming setbacks and emerging stronger. The key lesson learned is the importance of inner strength, which, when nurtured and embraced authentically, enables overcoming any obstacle. In 2019-2020 Dr. Nisha served as Asia Regional Head for Women Entrepreneurship Forum- where she mentored young female entrepreneurs.

The enduring success of Corpstage stems from several pivotal factors. Firstly, the company has established a robust foundation rooted in resilience and dedication. Rather than solely focusing on valuations and fundraising, Corpstage prioritizes laying a sturdy groundwork. Emphasizing a thorough understanding of challenges, identifying the right product-market fit, and delivering high-caliber work have earned the company significant credibility. Moreover, Corpstage places considerable emphasis on nurturing networks and fostering a contented team, recognizing the importance of a cohesive and motivated workforce for sustained prosperity. Ultimately, the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence and integrity has garnered the trust of its clientele, ensuring its enduring success.

Corpstage’s Client-Centric Philosophy

At Corpstage, Dr. Nisha emphasizes prioritizing client satisfaction and earning their trust. The company understands the complexity and contextuality of sustainability, recognizing the need for tailored approaches. Each client receives customized services based on their unique circumstances. Furthermore, as the industry evolves with new regulations and reporting standards, Corpstage remains proactive. Through diligent research and continuous updates, it ensures that the team stays informed. The company shares these insights through webinars and masterclasses, keeping stakeholders informed. Adapting to evolving customer needs and staying ahead of industry trends ensures services remain relevant and effective.

Corpstage offers a range of exclusive products and services tailored to empower businesses in their sustainability journey:

  • All-in-One 360 Degree ESG SAAS Platform: Corpstage offers an efficient ESG solution powered by Blockchain Tech, streamlining reporting, compliance, and audits for climate action.
  • ESG Consulting: Corpstage assists in sustainable finance, and internal funding optimization, using recognized frameworks.
  • Comprehensive Sustainability Reporting: Corpstage ensures credible disclosures with GRI, CSRD, ISSB, and CDP frameworks.
  • Thorough ESG Audits: Identifies gaps, risks, and opportunities, and provides improvement recommendations.
  • Tailored Capacity-Building: Customized training programs enhance efficiency and knowledge.
  • Carbon and ESG Assessment: Evaluates practices, and develops emissions reduction strategies.
  • TSustainable Branding: Aligns brand identity with sustainability, and communicates commitments.
  • Comprehensive ESG Solutions: Covers compliance, climate readiness, and aligning with SDGs.

Incorporating Technology into the Offerings

Corpstage’s decisions regarding product and service advancement are guided by its core mission, values, and commitment to sustainability. Prioritizing initiatives positively impacting the environment, society, and client businesses, Corpstage actively seeks partnerships with sustainable engineering solutions, tech providers, and industry organizations to expand its capabilities. By staying updated on sustainability trends, ESG reporting standards, and regulations, Corpstage innovates new programs. Recently, it launched the Global Green Hydrogen Hub and Carbon Capture Technologies Council on its platform to foster collaboration. Additionally, masterclasses on double materiality and CSRD aid European clients in meeting reporting obligations.

Corpstage, led by Dr. Nisha, utilizes technology to offer innovative solutions. Its SAAS platform serves as a hub for sustainability, featuring advanced capabilities:

  • Automated Blockchain ESG Software: Facilitates ESG audits, enabling effective management of strategies and credible reporting for climate action.
  • Customizable ESG Reporting: Tailored reports using recognized frameworks for transparent disclosures.
  • ESG Analytics: Analyzes ESG data, providing insights for strategic decision-making.
  • Interactive Workshops and Training: Technology-powered workshops and modules enhance clients’ proficiency in sustainability fields.
  • Real-time Updates and Alerts: Webinars and the “Sustainocast 360” podcast provide clients with regulatory updates and industry trends.
  • Secure Data Management: Ensures data security through encryption and secure cloud storage.

Approach to Work-Life Harmony 

Dr. Nisha maintains a disciplined schedule by efficiently managing her calendar. She prioritizes self-care by dedicating the first hour of the morning to activities like meditation and yoga to center herself for the day ahead. In the evenings, Dr. Nisha walks to unwind and clear her mind after her work meetings. During weekends, she intentionally refrains from using her laptop and prioritizes spending quality time with her family.

Admiring Indra Nooyi’s career journey, her rise from beginnings in India to the global CEO position at PepsiCo showcases remarkable leadership, resilience, and determination. Dr. Nisha takes inspiration from Indra Nooyi’s career journey where she adeptly manages her work-life balance. 

Dr. Nisha advises aspiring women entrepreneurs: 

  • To rely on determination and self-belief.
  • To maintain clarity of thought and progress steadily towards goals.
  • To recognize and embrace potential, viewing obstacles as opportunities for growth.
  • To incorporate resilience and perseverance through adversity, trusting in one’s abilities to overcome hurdles.



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