Top 8 Sci-fi Movies of All Time

Top 8 Sci-fi Movies of All Time | CIO Women Magazine

The sci-fi movies are a genre that takes us out of the imagination. They take us on a trip of their own where we believe all we see is true and feel attached to the story. We feel like we are there in the moment and even enjoy the feeling of being in the hero’s place. It is that real and elegantly shown. It is too true to believe.

The picturization, characters, looks, and dialogues are so relevant that it feels like all of it is real. The makes probe everything from the experience of humans to the future of humanity. It is an abundance of funny, fast, colorful, and space adventures. Tragedies, present, far future, or even in a galaxy of the very past, are also shown in the same. 

Sci-fi has produced has built some of the most glamorous and boldest flights in every sense. It isn’t unusual for sci-fi movies to stand out from the crowd and be in the limelight as the genre is loved by people. From gen-Z to millennials and even children from ages 5 to above are in the line of liking such a genre movie. Kids, especially love these types of moves even if they wouldn’t understand. 

Here is a list of 8 sci-fi movies of all time;

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey

When this sci-fi movie was released, not many people would have predicted that it would have the capacity to entertain people even after half a century of its release. Some famous celebrities walked out like Rock Hudson who wasn’t very convinced of the plot.

Top 8 Sci-fi Movies of All Time | CIO Women Magazine

Along with him, being disappointed during its premiere nearly 241 heads walked out from the screening. Some thought the movie to be a bit boring and confusing, and also a bit too long. But, in turn, it went on to be one of the cult classics and one which people watch again and again even after so many years of its release. 

2. Metropolis

Fritz Lang’s silent classic and self-regenerating appeal, its premiere took place in Berlin in 1927. It is a bit arguable that no authoritative version of it has still been made. Being one of the best sci-fi movies, it is a 2 hours 33 minutes long visual treat. With some additional scenes and scores, Giorgio Moroder issued a colored version in 1984 that kept Lang’s epic current.  

3. Blade Runner

A visually filled and more stylishly presented, Ridley Scott starred in Blade Runner. Sci-fi movie directors tend to choose something more decent and realistic to make their next project a hit. This is based on Philip K Dick’s novel, named Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? The title was borrowed from William S Burroughs, this one is a detective thriller that hunts down a group of replicants. Including the concept of sci-fi has made it even more interesting and creative. 

4. Alien

Top 8 Sci-fi Movies of All Time | CIO Women Magazine

Into the sci-fi movies, this one is made by a hell lot of talented people in the industry. Screenplay by Dan O’Bannon, Ronald Shusett, cinematography by Derek Vanlint, and background score by Jerry Goldsmith. The cast includes Harry Dean Stanton, Ian Holm, John Hurt, and Sigourney Weaver, making it a classic watch-anytime movie.

The design team involved in the visuals has made tremendous efforts for the good absolutely. Alien uses the same framework as the 50’s monster flicks it. There’s a terror from Beyond Psace, but adds so much to the movie that the relevancy keeps on increasing, it becomes believable and a meaningful film. 

5. Solaris

This is one of the sci-fi movies which is an adaptation of Stanislaw Lem’s philosophical novel in 1968. This was an attempt to find a cinematic subject. Lem’s novel posited the existence of solaristics, which is depicted as a study of an outlying star system, that had unusual effects on human psychology. A psychologist, in the film, the protagonist contemplates his garden, and the images used in the film were the most earthbound ever. 

6. ET: The Extra-Terrestrial

The director Steven Spielberg reversed the alien encounter formula to imagine what benefit they could get from us. In one of the excellent attempts to make sci-fi movies, this one proves the best works of the director to date. The sentiment genre was perfectly caught in this one and was well-appreciated by the audiences as the relationship between the protagonist and the alien was perfectly showcased. The first half is light-hearted, and after that in the second half, the film takes a turn into a darker drama when ET is trapped and hostage. 

7. Star Wars

Top 8 Sci-fi Movies of All Time | CIO Women Magazine

Again one of the most loved sci-fi movies, the first shot itself is intriguing as a large and wicked-looking spaceship enters the on a far smaller craft. It is so perfect that you could even understand it with the audio. No need for the sound to know what is going on in the movie. It’s the sheer purity, the theme of the movie that makes it the classic it is. The costumes, the look, the acting, the cinematography, and the visuals, all do their job well in order to entertain the audience. The plot is believable, and people find the same convincing too. That is the power of cinema and the visuals that people believe it is true. 

8. Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Its suburban hero Roy Neary is an everyman and a prophet, a family person who is haunted by some sounds. The character hears some whale calls and visualizes a rock-forming in Wyoming, that scares him for his wife and children. This film is close to social comment and expands the ending for the 1980 special edition sees Neary, that an unpleasant grilling by the military and the Government, ignore the watergate, causing chaos between the army and the Government. 


In the list of sci-fi movies, these are some of the most perfectly curated and handpicked by us for you. Some of them you must have watched, some not. So, check in the list whether you have watched all of them or at least most of them. If yes, suggest some more sci-fi movies which we missed out on.

The sci-fi genre is the best as it brings out the creative juices of not only the makers of the film but the audiences too. Audiences love to watch such content that is never been shown before and is of good value and something to learn from. It transfers the audience to a totally different universe. 



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